Monday, August 8, 2016

4 Exercises To Help You Own a High EQ

Maybe you've heard about the emotional IQ EQ, help us to master and flexible handling situations in life. Unlike IQ often specified congenital, EQ is a skill that can be practiced to improve every day. Along learn how to improve EQ through articles offline.

What is an EQ test?

Consistent with the model's claim of EI as a type of intelligence, the test is modeled on ability-based IQ tests. By testing a person's abilities on each of the four branches of emotional intelligence, it generates scores for each of the branches as well as a total score.

High EQ brings benefits?

Studies have shown that people with high EQ are usually more successful in your career, business, leadership, relationships, ... In addition, IQ high emotions will help you easy to deal with difficult situations in life and overcome stress more easily.

Recipes help boost EQ

Typically, only IQ is difficult to change, but you absolutely can improve EQ through learning and practice. Check out the tips to help you take control and improve their EQ offline.

1. Get to know your own strengths

You are a good listener, often humorous or very patient when doing any one thing? Identify your strengths comment or ask a friend to figure out her strengths.

The research shows that when you self-aware of your strengths, you also tend to recognize other people's strengths, this will bring about positive results in the relationship. At work, someone who knows the advantages and also its ability to easily score points in the eyes of managers or recruiters, and help you have a higher chance of success. At the same time, knowing where your strengths and help you easily find a suitable job for themselves.

2. Know the limitations of strengths

Anything excessive will also cause side effects. Therefore, you should know what your limits are. For example, coupled with vivacious as talking too much or perseverance can sometimes turn into bigotry. So you need to know where is the threshold just enough of the good qualities that you have.

You recognize this by taking a piece of paper, write your virtues to the left. Then, think about what the consequences will be if you apply the advantages that an "overdose". From there, you will know how to control their own emotions before the stressful situations. You can also consult with a friend if you want to have the results of objective truth.

3. Know the limits of your endurance

The quickest way to ruin a career or relationship is the lack of control over their emotions. Because, you may have to face many bad things can not imagine being in life, but how the response is your own decision. In case you encounter opposition from someone of your comments in a meeting with the company, if this time you "break out" their feelings and angry, loud, then your image in the eyes people will deteriorate a lot.

So, the advice is that you should know what behavior is likely to cause discomfort for yourself and practice how to control their emotions in such situations. Remember the time you lose control, said the harsh words or quarrel with others. Then, when exposed to irritating situations similar, try to restrain their anger and resolve the conflict indirectly, via email or an appointment to have enough composure instead of directly face to face.

4. Keep in mind your language

One study indicated that, we say to ourselves every day more than 50,000 questions. Then try to take a minute to think about you or say to yourself the question how, positive or negative? If you only for yourself negative words often self upbraided myself, think ill of others, complaining about everything ... then stop what you are offline. This will help you stay positive thoughts, while limiting case bad words are "obsessed" Your mind will be "discharged" for people around.

High EQ will help you control your emotions. Since then, limiting the consequences of anger, tension, despair, help you easily achieve more success in life. Refer to and practice the suggestions that the doctors gave Hello to you, make sure you will see that we desperately needed.


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