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10 Tips on How to Stay Awake When You're Sleepy and Tired

However if you don't know how to stay wake up or stay active when you are feeling sleepy and lazy you can try those 10 tips to stay awake and active yourself. I have tried many time to wake up early but I can not wake up early O ~ O, (Thanks to insomnia). Maybe sometime we need more sleep for hour better health. 

10 Tips on How to Stay Awake When You're Sleepy and Tired
I found these 10 Tips for "desperate" active, or in my case REVIVE in the mornings -.- zzZ. How to start a good day at work or from the morning!

10 Ways to Wake Up Feeling Fresh in the Morning


Your alarm & alarm are not only interrupt your sleep but frightens you and you wake up until just seconds before to turn it off and not have to hear the sound of terror ... Arranges music that changing it to your liking. This gives you a more peaceful and restful awakening.

    "Although it is not proven that the sound is used to arouse has an effect on the performance of the individual, is more pleasant and gentle awakening with music. However, if you rest well, you should have no need to use one, because your body already knows what time biologically awakening. "

    It's good that do not get up immediately. So do not hesitate to pause the alarm, but do not make more than three times that enough.

"Stretch like a cat"

To start the day there is nothing better than stretching.

    "Stretch out like you're a cat that just woke up in the morning. Imagine that you can reach the ceiling or anything very far, because it is the only way to wake up and your muscles relax. "

    When we sleep, but we move, we remain long without physical activity and body must be activated. It's like doing before exercising; besides stretching it should also be repeated at any time of the day, especially after being a long time sitting, to relax muscles.


If you think that to have a good day you should start in the morning error. To stay alert during your day's activities, you should sleep well and to achieve this you should try to eat a light dinner that your body can easily process.

    "A sandwich, a salad, fruit or yogurt are some recommended for dining options, but, nope !, should do about two hours before going to bed, so let the body makes digestion and avoid heaviness during sleep ".

    On the other hand, stay without dinner is not good because doing stomach is no activity for a long period of time.
Fun Tip: How to Stay Awake? Eat less food and be hungry when you need to keep awake and active yourself.


Adults sleep on average 8 hours and adolescents up to 9 and a half, but it depends on each person find their schedule.

For your body rest really is important to setup a fixed schedule as possible to sleep and wake up.

"You have to be routine, not change schedules. Falling asleep at the same time and get up always the same is very good for the body because it is used to being certain hours at rest ".

In addition, when for some reason they did not fall asleep all the usual times necessary to recover with a nap.

Wake-up Slowly

    If you are someone who stick to jump out of bed at the sound of the alarm, bad news, sure your performance is not ideal for all day.

    "Coming out of bed immediately you make your body is activated immediately, without giving him time to get used to the idea that is already a new day."

    The recommendation is to wake up and stay a few minutes in bed, then sit on the bed and use that time to think and analyze what will be done in the day, without worrying rather positively.

    Others read the rest :)


    Although the ideal in the morning is to have a complete workout to stay healthy, move your body for about 10 minutes also helps.

    'Walk or use any device at home will help you activate your body, filling it with energy, keep healthy and fit. "

    You may not be excited to go to the gym, but do not hesitate to give three times around your house, go apple your neighborhood or go super fast to move to a nearby park; it is likely that after several days you feel healthier and you include a longer routine.


    In the end, if you hold close the hot water for a few seconds and let you pass through the body cold water.

    "Already out of bed ideally take a dip in quality and not quantity, for snuff, wake up and turn the batteries".

    Nor is it to throw a lot of water, so, your bathroom should not exceed 15 minutes. Even if you can swim in less than 10 minutes, the better.

    Shampoo, bath gel and warm water can be enough to make your day very good and productive.

    Pamper yourself

    After leaving the shower is basic give you about 10 minutes to you.

    "Look in the mirror and say," Daddy O MAMI ME SEE TODAY "; brush your hair, put on cream, give yourself a foot massage, finally, what you most love to do :); do not hesitate to treat yourself well for your self-esteem rises and your productivity will also go upward. "

    It is also important to pay attention to your wardrobe, it will be the image that give all day and if you do not make you happy, will project the image not necessary to have a good day.


    It is not good to begin your activities without breakfast.

    Breaking the fast in the morning is the most important thing to do, it is with that amount of food which smash all necessary batteries.

    "If you can have a full breakfast that includes fruit, protein, grains and fruits, excellent. Otherwise, with yogurt, fruit and juice it is enough. "

    Do not overdo it on coffee consumption since the end of the day, all the caffeine consumed in the day can be a stimulant to not sleep.


    Run away from home for having the time against is not the best you can do.

    "Going against time, the only thing that makes you do is stressed out about something you can control perfectly. In addition, the hurrying are more likely to have a car accident. "

    If you propose to set up a schedule out your winnings are many, because even your mood will not be altered with traffic and rush.


    To avoid delays in your schedule is to keep in mind from one day before the clothes you'll use and the menu for breakfast. It also seeks to bring together in one place the things that you will take to work or school.


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