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7 Tips Girls On How To Find The Right Person Marry

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Finding the right person often seems impossible. It seems these days all the girls trying to find the right person for them. And good men seem to have less and less and are becoming more rare, but let me assure you they are there. We know many girls who have found true, sincere men who love them and support them. And let me assure you, they are there for you! It may take longer than you want, but sometimes the best things take time. But although there are many men, they are not all suitable for you. So we made a list of 7 tips to help you in finding the right person.

7 Tips Girls On How To Find The Right Person Marry
1. Men want serious relationships

I think one of the mistakes that make girls is when they go to look for guys thinking that men do not want a serious relationship. So eventually they agreed to entertainment and flirting overnight, thinking that this is all they will ever be able to get. We are here to refute this theory! Guys want a serious relationship, as far as you're the type of girl for them and not one which flies around and they never respected enough. So stop thinking that men do not want to be with you for longer than overnight and begin to restrain someone who is worth it! Thus is the right person.

2. Mr. Wrong probably knows Mr. Right

Another tip for finding the right person is keep the phone number of the former. Do not throw as soon as "all over." One thing that many girls ignore is that just because one person is not for you, it does not mean that his friends are! Mr. Wrong can be friends with Mr. Right! Keep in touch with your male friends and go out periodically to see if they have any hot friend with whom you want to know a little better!

3. Do not try too

If you want advice on finding the right person, here you are: Stop trying so hard to make it happen. Desperation often leads to satisfaction with whatever gets in your way, and that is never good. This will happen in due time, and not before. You do not have to throw every man you see no ring on his hand to find the right one. Just be patient and wait. Good things come to those who wait will see!

4. There is nothing wrong to have standards

Always tell our friends singles, there's no need to put up. A good idea is to have a "list" with "benchmarks" that you would like to meet the man. And it need not be limited to - someone who is unemployed, has no interest in finding a job or craft of any kind and loves to play on the computer all day and partying all night. But at the same time not nice and not overdo. If you have such high standards that person will never be able to meet may eventually be alone forever! Remember that boys are people just like you and you give them some space to life. Also, do not pass up a nice person, just because you think you deserve a prince or king.

5. There are many fish in the sea

Another helpful tip for finding the right person is to remember that there are many fish in the sea. Yes, broken heart takes time to heal and relationships that ended with a bad note and may hurt for a really long time. But there are other men, men who will treat you well and love you very much. Not checked out all the men of the world, like fools because there are some pretty cool dudes out there waiting to be discovered!

6. Be girl that men would liked

If you are really serious about the search for the right person to keep in mind: You must be kind girl that a man would want to have. This does not mean that you should be someone who you really are. But if you constantly have a bad attitude, sour face or critical words, no one who wants to be around you. And most men who seek lasting relationships will not want a girl who does nothing else but to party all the time or lost femininity and tenderness. Try to be kind girl that a man would like to longtime girlfriend if you're serious!

7. Look in the right places

One big mistake that women make when it comes to finding the right person that they are looking at the wrong places. Bars, clubs, online dating sites and neighborhood pubs are not ideal places to find serious guys. This does not mean to ignore every man in these places or disparages anyone who has a relationship with a man from those places! Just say that overall the guys who are serious and looking for a girlfriend / wife will not hang around these places.

We know that finding the right person takes time and sometimes can be quite discouraging and frustrating when you get results. But we advise you to stay optimistic and never settle for less than what you deserve! You will be so happy when you finally find the right person. We hope that our advice on this will be helpful. If you have any tips you want to share about finding the right person ... please comment below and thank you for reading us!
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Talking About Sex With Your Partner: How Easy or Difficult?

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Do you talk about sex with your spouse? To step up your relationship to an intimate stage you should be friendly with your partner. If the current chat room is not as expected, one of the main ways in which you should try to speak directly to their wishes. Psychologists recommend that frank talk about what you want or do not want is a great solution to sublimate sex.

Talking About Sex With Your Partner: How Easy or Difficult?
Why do we need to talk about sex with your spouse?

Each person will have a hobby and different conceptions of sex. Therefore, the risk of conflicts or dissatisfied when sex is not excluded. However, if you do not express the thoughts and feelings of their opponents, they may not know what you're expecting to be able to meet. This greatly affects the relationship, because the silence endured the chat rooms are not like that will make you love losing inspiration, even bored her mate.

So, your communication is playing a big role in the relationship between two people, because only in that way will you be able to share feelings and solve problems together, in sex, too.

Silence as conflict increases

If there are problems that arise in life do you get tired or two unfulfilled sex, the best way is that you should speak out instead of trying to hide. Because increasingly ignoring conflict, the distance between you and the greater the problem will become more difficult to resolve.

Silence makes opponents misunderstood

If you want to reduce the frequency of love down but did not specify the reason for the enemy, he may assume that you no longer love him or her as before. If you clear about what it wants and make a logical reason, such as work pressure or simply reduced demand, then surely he can fully understand and do as you

How to be more open about the "sex"?

Choose the right time
Do not mention your frustrations within the love, because then your emotions are being dominated. Instead, you gently suggested to talk about and then select a romantic night, relaxed to talk together.

Set aside a separate time periods

You should prepare a talk seriously and only two people. Do not let the conversation was interrupted by the ringing phone, email or by the main job of your kids offline.

Preparation before content

It sounds very rigid, but in truth, everything should be prepared to get the results you want, love story, too. Moreover, the chat rooms is a problem is a delicate and sensitive, so you should prepare in advance for the content and wording, the result will be better. This makes it possible to actively control the conversation and do not say the words he misinterpreted or injury.

People used to easily communicate with each other on many topics in everyday life but afraid to talk about it. Partly because Eastern culture has yet to open on this issue should talk about the topic of sex is a very difficult job, especially for women. However, you should know this is a very ordinary job and needed to marriage always harmonious, happy.

Hopefully, you and your partner have a great sex life.
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You Know Nothing About The Spiritual Exercise?

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The exercise to have a healthy body is essential to health. However, practicing the spirit of playing a role no less important. This habit will help you maintain a clear mind and a positive attitude every day. Along Hello Doctor learn about some good mental exercise for memory and emotions offline.

How is the mental exercise for?

Mental fitness is the mind power training, help for your mind to be purified and stronger in order to increase the ability to handle and withstand the challenges, impact on morale. At the same time, understanding and adapting to the opportunities laid out in life.

The benefits of exercise for mental

Train to get healthy spiritual health can help you improve your ability to focus, using effective stress management. At the same time, the exercise also helps your spirit can enjoy life more fully and strengthen the connection between you and everyone.

How to exercise the spirit?

Improving mental health and brain also requires a process of training with the appropriate method, here are some tips to help you can train the spirit:

Do not do many things at once

Sometimes, the pressure from work and life that make you make many things at once or even if you feel you can work more efficiently if they are pressed in time. In fact, this is not good for your morale. Instead, learn to focus on one task at a given time. This not only improves your concentration but also help you see the problem in a general way and in more detail, from which the best orientation in accomplishing it. Therefore, do not restrict the circumstances "placed to the new dance", because when working in such a pressure situation not only affects the quality of work but also harmful to the spirit.

Positive thoughts about yourself

You tell yourself to yourself about the positive things of yourself, this is one very good way to raise your spirits. Also, think about the positive things will bring confidence, happiness and satisfaction.

You make a list of the good qualities of yourself and remember that you are a normal human being, you are not perfect and can still make mistakes. Also, if you find yourself with the need to repair defects, then set goals for what you want to improve and begin to take steps to become a better one.

Try new things

The new experience is one of the best exercises for the spirit. Cook a new dish, read a book or traveling to an unfamiliar location, ... These experiences can help you increase knowledge and expand our understanding of life. So, try to do something new every day offline.


Try playing these games require the presumption of the brain, which will help you to increase their ability to think quickly to the brain. The games for the brain as crossword, sudoku and other games require the use of logical possibilities are very suitable for exercise for our brains.

The reading is good for brain health. Whenever you read about a certain thing, your brain will quickly process each word, and copying and learning how to use them immediately.

In addition, the reading will help you visualize the subject you are looking for, stimulate the imagination of images, sounds, context of the work that you read. Whichever way you choose, the books can be a great tool or relaxation exercises help a imagination ignited and burned a lot of different parts of the brain. Most importantly, you will not feel reluctant because of the inexhaustible source of knowledge in any field you are interested and desire to know more.
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Learning How to Overcome The Pain Of Losing Loved Ones

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Be smart, be strong from the heart! In life there are many beautiful things, besides the loss still exists. The loss of someone you love will make you extremely painful, maybe even make some people depressed or cause depression becomes worse. Let's learn how to overcome this pain a powerful way.

The difference between grief and depression at the loss of loved ones

After the loss, each one expressed sorrow in different ways. Some may have the same symptoms as depression, as sought to avoid social activities and always feel extreme grief. However, grief and depression have different points following essentials:
  • Time spent manifestations: depressed people always feel depressed. Grieving people have mood changes or changes in waves an erratic manner. 
  • Sincerely itself: people with depression often do not respect ourselves. They always feel myself unworthy or even hate themselves. But those who grieve without these feelings. 
  • Hallucinations: people with depression may have hallucinations. Sometimes, they feel like a sound heard something, seen something that does not exist, or believe things that are not right. But the grief is no such symptoms. 
  • Accept the support: the depression often isolate themselves from society or even alienate others. However, those who grieve can dodge social activities but they still accept the support from the people they love.
Grief can lead to depressive disorders, but not all those who grieve are severely depressed.

Complicated grief

Grief is a normal feeling that occurs when you lose someone you love. However, some people experience pain that lasts more than normal sadness. It called complicated grief attacks. Complicated grief can be boundaries grief and depression. It can cause depression or make people with depression becomes worse.

Symptoms of complicated grief include:

  • Hard to think of anything except the death of their beloved; 
  • Feeling always remembered the deceased standing against them; 
  • Difficult to accept the departure of who they love; 
  • Long and painful feeling after losing people they love; 
  • Feel life is no longer mean anything anymore; 
  • Difficult to trust others or blame anyone for the death of loved ones; 
  • Difficult to remember the good memories of the people they love; 
  • Grief worsening, even wanted to accompany the deceased.
You should see if your consultants go through the complicated grief after losing someone you love.

What should you do now?

After the loss, you should give yourself a suitable period for recovery. Take care of yourself is not a selfish act when you go through the grief. Instead, it can be part of the process to help you feel better physically and mentally.

Here's what to do to help you through the pain of loss:

  • Dining and full workout. You can exercise by walking, biking, gym or join an aerobics class; 
  • Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night; 
  • Learn a new skill such as cooking class participation, the club who like to read books or attend lectures at local schools; 
  • Meet and chat with friends or the people you love, they will help you through the pain, you should avoid looking to alcohol or drugs as a way to divert yourself because it will make your mood Day worse; 
  • Find a support group of people who experienced the traumatic loss of loved ones; 
  • Trying to maintain daily life and forgive yourself for mistakes or what you've done for the deceased.
Some of you because I want to forget the pain often eluded the anniversaries related to the deceased. However, according to the doctors Hello, the organization of the anniversary can be an effective way for you to feel less sense of grief.

When should you see a doctor?

If the pain is not only signs but also reduce become so severe that exceed tolerance and affect your health, this is an alarming situation. You go to the doctor if the loss makes you have the following symptoms:
  • You difficult to perform daily activities in a normal manner; 
  • You feel guilty conscience or blame yourself for the death of someone you love; 
  • You lost your sense of purpose in life; 
  • You no longer want to integrate into social activities; 
  • You feel you can not continue to live as losing someone you love.
However, although in any case, do not think of suicide or self harm themselves. Remember, you are responsible for your life and the people around you offline.

Losing someone you love does not mean that your life will end that will be the beginning of new things. Seek help and support will help you feel better. Your pain can be healed over time and you will continue to step forward, brave recognize and organize the holidays of your memories with the dead.
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4 Exercises To Help You Own a High EQ

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Maybe you've heard about the emotional IQ EQ, help us to master and flexible handling situations in life. Unlike IQ often specified congenital, EQ is a skill that can be practiced to improve every day. Along learn how to improve EQ through articles offline.

What is an EQ test?

Consistent with the model's claim of EI as a type of intelligence, the test is modeled on ability-based IQ tests. By testing a person's abilities on each of the four branches of emotional intelligence, it generates scores for each of the branches as well as a total score.

High EQ brings benefits?

Studies have shown that people with high EQ are usually more successful in your career, business, leadership, relationships, ... In addition, IQ high emotions will help you easy to deal with difficult situations in life and overcome stress more easily.

Recipes help boost EQ

Typically, only IQ is difficult to change, but you absolutely can improve EQ through learning and practice. Check out the tips to help you take control and improve their EQ offline.

1. Get to know your own strengths

You are a good listener, often humorous or very patient when doing any one thing? Identify your strengths comment or ask a friend to figure out her strengths.

The research shows that when you self-aware of your strengths, you also tend to recognize other people's strengths, this will bring about positive results in the relationship. At work, someone who knows the advantages and also its ability to easily score points in the eyes of managers or recruiters, and help you have a higher chance of success. At the same time, knowing where your strengths and help you easily find a suitable job for themselves.

2. Know the limitations of strengths

Anything excessive will also cause side effects. Therefore, you should know what your limits are. For example, coupled with vivacious as talking too much or perseverance can sometimes turn into bigotry. So you need to know where is the threshold just enough of the good qualities that you have.

You recognize this by taking a piece of paper, write your virtues to the left. Then, think about what the consequences will be if you apply the advantages that an "overdose". From there, you will know how to control their own emotions before the stressful situations. You can also consult with a friend if you want to have the results of objective truth.

3. Know the limits of your endurance

The quickest way to ruin a career or relationship is the lack of control over their emotions. Because, you may have to face many bad things can not imagine being in life, but how the response is your own decision. In case you encounter opposition from someone of your comments in a meeting with the company, if this time you "break out" their feelings and angry, loud, then your image in the eyes people will deteriorate a lot.

So, the advice is that you should know what behavior is likely to cause discomfort for yourself and practice how to control their emotions in such situations. Remember the time you lose control, said the harsh words or quarrel with others. Then, when exposed to irritating situations similar, try to restrain their anger and resolve the conflict indirectly, via email or an appointment to have enough composure instead of directly face to face.

4. Keep in mind your language

One study indicated that, we say to ourselves every day more than 50,000 questions. Then try to take a minute to think about you or say to yourself the question how, positive or negative? If you only for yourself negative words often self upbraided myself, think ill of others, complaining about everything ... then stop what you are offline. This will help you stay positive thoughts, while limiting case bad words are "obsessed" Your mind will be "discharged" for people around.

High EQ will help you control your emotions. Since then, limiting the consequences of anger, tension, despair, help you easily achieve more success in life. Refer to and practice the suggestions that the doctors gave Hello to you, make sure you will see that we desperately needed.
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5 Things Every Girl Should Remember To Take The Initiative in Love

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Love sometimes you turn an ordinary girl from a princess to become the happiest of the earth, but also can make you suffer to the extent of the world seemed to collapse. A relationship can make you the best person of the world also can make the worst person. However, every girl fall in love once in life at least. But before you be initiative with your first love, Keep in mind the following 5 things will help you stay independent in your relationships.

1. Be patient

Maybe you're feeling jealous or unhappy because had friends around her lover while still lonely. At this point, you do not rush finding a relationship that just knows patience and know how to love themselves. The reason is that everyone needs to learn to love yourself first before you can love others. And if you are not really ready for love, try to erase the thought of dating by spending time with family and friends

2. Love must come from both sides

If you often tormented with thoughts like, "I do something wrong?", "My feelings are not enough?", "He / she loves me or not?", ... It's time to accept recognize that this is not true love for you. By a relationship can only bring lasting and happy feelings come from both sides, while both respecting and bring happiness to each other rather than the concerns, doubts.

3. Knowing the right time to stop

In fact, if you really know how to love, the advice of the people around him stop often ineffective. Meanwhile, you should spend more time to reflect on their relationship. Really, girls will know whether this relationship can continue or not and make rational decisions. Sometimes, if realized personality, lifestyle or orientation of his future did not suit her, then you should stop before going too far affection. The decision will be a little difficult, but the time will soothe everything and this is when you know the heart is capable of a strong recovery to be.

4. Do not let social networking dominate too much

In fact, the notification for the world to know about him today you and where to go, what to eat, meet someone, talk on any subject, ... are not essential. Sometimes, it is not good if all handicapped your personal matters become the talk of gossip Assembly. Even negative comments also make you vulnerable

5. Make love, not to endure

When you love someone, you should put the joy of the first priority of a relationship. Remember, you are still young, and youth should enjoy the good things and not have to endure the pain, urgent. Above all, you should remind yourself that whatever you do must also retain the identity and the "I" of their own, not because of love that transform itself into a completely different person towards negative. You have to accept that both can quarrel, conflict and separation.

Anyway, if you have felt unable to continue, do not try to hold on and put pressure in a relationship, because both you and your partner do not deserve it.

Love you can be a beautiful emotions, but can also be a shake of the head at the memory, it depends on the feeling and how your handle in a relationship. When in love, you can love wholeheartedly, but you should also lead to rational to contribute to making love becomes better.
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10 Reasons To Love And Take a Girl Outside The Province

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People often talk about love and marriage are two completely different categories. A daughter when the lover is quite different when she was a wife, mother and the woman's family.

When asked, the girl simply think about choosing somewhere to meet with you with friends, wear a dress to the truth "Hot Girl", then arrange a time What is a reasonable time between love, friends and work / learning rational. But when the woman's family, she had worries more than, what is: Rituals of the two sides family, think about the future 2 children, shunned by friends, and having a baby is hard little children, all the family busy (cooking, washing, cleaning ...), her husband's mother in-law issues, employment agencies, chaos but no longer desires passionate about.

The tragedy of divorce cases are living after the time they got out of several real people and not acceptable for real people, the kind of person: Dance Lady, constantly drunk and accommodation unhygienic, no kindness and care for others as they once thought, prepared & profligate spending, not respect subaltern, not loving and selfless as I once thought. Especially people that have deceived themselves so long, making her collapse completely on faith.

And it is important for all men is whether the tragedy occurred, despite disruption still causes happiness comes from myself ... And a wrong choice, an option only because of desire, to then build up a complete love for the body, because the material is always signals the start for every breakdown in family happiness and bring misery to the inherently poor child is the product of the physical situation there.

Writing this article, I want to say to all guys are just more reason, let sanity guided its decision and refer to "10 reasons to love and take an extra-provincial girls' below to begin beginning for a journey to search for and build your own happiness. At the same time, also sent a message of no lightweight to every girl that "only altruism and self-sacrifice" is the string "soft crackers" but fasten happy with your beloved.

1 # girl living outside the province are not "superficial"

Lifestyle "superficial" to me is the way of life that people are too focused on the outside, on the phenomena and manifestations. You can easily see this with the city girls always dressed up and at anytime, anywhere overkill. Or take a selfie on Facebook, chasing the fashion movement, or the selection of clothes, utensils often look at its appearance, even evaluate someone just through words or the external physical manifestations temporary.

You will also often see, an extra-provincial girl dressed quite discreet, simple and not too excessive in their schemes and often less furniture makeup of the normal activities such as friends, going out or going cafe fun painting. Sometimes there are certain special occasions, but they will also makeup and you will find them very beautiful, very tone momentum and will usually have the strong impression that you rarely see them in that image.

When I have free time, a girl often goes to his kitchen provinces to cook or choose a good book to read, watch a movie online psychological feelings.

2 # girl provinces is the best cook of the family

4 years away from home to school, everything about cooking, they have to go to market homemade, hand-selected, hand-prepared delicious meals, but do not spend too much money. 4 years that help them know how to bargain for cheaper shopping, choose fish buying green vegetables and how to fit the cleaning medium, and then to list dishes just how tasty, just enough substance to an expenditure Limited.

It is important that your wife when they do, they will always give you and your children a good meal, a quality that excess spending, too.

This is especially important because if you live 40 years with the average woman has 29 200 meals cooked by the woman. If you cook currency wife, why? I truly can not imagine how I would live if experiencing such meal 29 200... And maybe I should make that scream "I want you to live so" evil. In addition, knowing how to go to the market and well-chosen menu, the wife will save you between 25 - 50k / meal. So is your mental arithmetic will save from 0.73 to 1.46 billion in a lifetime. This means taking a wife said to spend, then you had better go to the market surplus and 1 spacious house that.

3 # good girl under pressure from other provinces and not easy to let go of your hard times

She has spent many years with the worries and chaos of life, yet are: learning in the school must achieve high scores (if no fault with parents), to go with the languages ​​(usually her foreign languages), had to go to extra income tutoring, have to cook, wash yourself, go to the market themselves, and then self-chiu spending (because too little money to send home). Especially to resist the urge to curb the temptation of life (shopping, snacking, beauty, cafe, bar and travel away ...).

It is what makes them very consistent and solid. Everything belongs to they will take and hold on tight or less when they throw away anything that belongs to him. But gradually, they formed virtues boundless loyalty to the people he had loved. Whether or when the husband and wife love it when there are problems, they will work with you solve or at least give you the opportunity to confide rather than say goodbye or let go within 3 seconds: Mr green : Unlike the city girl, the princess who was to receive more than the giver; They are beneficiaries of capital rather than people going to take away construction soc-. Therefore, the city girls easily give up everything when they encounter problems, they are not aggressive, they are also less loyal because they are not built capital from those circumstances.

4 # They often think of you and see you very important in their lives

You also understand a thing, as people far from home, far from their homeland, they always miss the family, always in loneliness, a lack of affection. Moreover, as an extra-provincial girls, much more intense anyone. They cried many nights in silently as homesick, they hastily catching contest is finished as soon as their car back home do not want to linger in the city this cold again add a single moment ... they're sad and lonely much you Asian.

Therefore, when entering their lives, you as the one who did them warm in crowded regions of this strange but true. You would like a single body of them here. How much sorrow concerns of life they share with you, how much hope, the expectation weekend you book with them. So, you are very important in their lives, have to say is extremely important true. And whether in any circumstances, you do not hurt them, or do not abandon them. Because then they would protruding, they would be lonely doubly, doubly sad is sad more sad, more lonely lonely sad powers would be two, is to create resonance in 🙁 sadness. I dare not imagine what they would do if it fell into a state :(. They need to be loved and protected more powerful appearance is what you normally see.

5 # The girl will be strawberry sage provinces, strawberry draft

This problem is not related to true love personalities or egos of a girl outside the province because most of what the "strawberry sage" on depends on the degree of love of man that she loves. She's more love, more injured he even knew how much they care for his parents much. This is truly nature's equations bridged but important prerequisite of the equation only occur with the girl outside the province that is not the city girl. By 4th thing you just read above is far from home and they spend a lot of love for their man, they soon understood the family's affection away from home so that they become dutiful daughters is a girl seen in other provinces. In addition, in each place they live they have only one "parent" only they think about, but they spend every effort to care center. Because when they're home, they have their own parents, but when in the city, they just have your parents are the only parents they serve (Nothing 2 parent family in the same place).

6 # Dating girls provinces make you look "smarter"

I have a look not good with girls scantily clad and skimpy. I always thought that girls do not have anything special they too should get your body to do something special for the world to look. And the man next to her skimpy girls confessed somewhat indecent, indecent or wildly foolish, or worse, in the beginning we did flooded with images of birds butterfly category , grapefruit, coconut, melon.

Moreover, I often observed girls dress provinces when the purpose is not so attractive or sexy men. But simply because they find they wear beautiful and fit their tastes. The girl of the city have something provocative, there is something called a broadcast message "you are beautiful, you have the right".

Therefore, to meet with the provincial foreign girls definitely look you "smarter" now. By the man next to a girl dressed properly, polite but not lacking momentum rhythm section will always be appreciated by everyone around. A respect, awe evident when they see you 🙂. You guys just try keeping your car or protecting it with eyes looking at you when you carry "aunt" skimpy go very consistent, even when she goes to the discreet, tactful, why?

7 # When love, girl provinces do not neglect your career

They are accustomed to the simple life, they do not save much and also imitate in your not require much time and material for love or sex charge.

Simple whiff of dating girls spend your city is also waiting for them at 30 'to prepare them for clothes, perfumes, makeup and "abc genres" and then walked out the door with you. But the girl and her high provinces, the only 10 'only. By simplicity, by the respect and care for you by, so they will not let you wait.

Furthermore, when you feel the love of their faithful should not worry that you have someone take over the heart of the one you love. Therefore, you have more time for his career, you have tired little brain for keeping fire three loves, "you go too far," and the game moves to take remains uncertain heart belongs to you. With extra-provincial girl, you also will not wallet out to meet the needs and demands "grade 1" city girl to prove just because he is man that she can trust or a man faithful remnant that she found.

8 # To marry girls from other provinces, it was a great experience

This is great if you are a son of the city by your wedding will be held in two places with two completely different styles. One place is crowded, modern and magnificent; And one place is rural, nostalgic, old and very idyllic flavor. You will experience the countryside as best man is like, and what customs unforgettable memories in countryside scene anymore. All these things create a special anniversary for a great start of married life later.

If you are younger provinces, why? ... Also praises for wedding always held in his hometown to save a large amount of money the restaurant category, vehicles, wedding photos. That although wedding celebration will be less money but later on you do not have to worry about finding a way to travel for a full definition of "mutual reciprocity".

9 # girl provinces would be a savings book for your future

By spending habits savings, every penny earned as their odd. By simple lifestyle, less demanding and less desire or satisfying the needs of women category so they are right is your ideal bank depositors and fully trust. Moreover, girls from other provinces in the city are few friends, she also less shopping, less than the spa, and also gathered at mixing with the familiar flood girlfriend day and of course also at the can must go type dining and shopping area for more than your girl friend of the city.

People still say, "Rich for you, to as his wife", then this is it right on both sides for 2 girls provinces. You rich only when you save, when you spend properly and also part when your wife knows her husband calculations for the future and for the future of the young couple.

10 # For all the reasons above, the girls outside the province have read this article ^ _ ^

Above all, this is why the most important reason that we should trust. By before and after reading this article, only the girls outside the province they will change in a more positive direction, they are happier, they love life and what they shortcomings sure they added. In particular they will not want to lose the confidence of a beautiful girl that other provinces for their writing, as well as people looking for them (^_^).

In contrast, the other side of the battle lines, the hot girl in the city will be more people, in more difficult to eat harder or they will not read this article as much as the girls outside the province. But if they do not read this article, then surely they would like them someday ... there's always something less competitive than other provinces with a girl.

Well my friends, after reading this article, you can forget the category entries from the tabloids as "love a girl with short legs", "10 reasons to love a girl small chest "and so on and so forth offline. Now, only a concept right is in love with a girl alone provinces.

Note: The concept of extra-provincial girls mention the small-town girl to the city whole life learning his students. Then, their own and intend to live in the city with people you love.
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20 Habits To Become Rich & Success

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Things to do everyday to become rich faster than other people. Some simple habits can make you a rich person if you can maintain them well. Look out the rich people habits what they do, learn from other successful person who already got it, become a better entrepreneur ever is the path to be rich. Lets check out How to become a millionaire?

Establish good habits every day

Good habits are the foundation of wealth. The difference between successful people and ordinary people lies in the daily routine. In other words, successful people have a lot of good habits and bad habits are extremely low. If you can recognize the bad habits are preventing yourself become rich, this is the first step for you to change your fate.

It is recommended that you obtain the paper, divided into two columns. A record of bad habits, and converts them into a well. For example, instead of watching TV too much, now you just watch one hour a day. Or write the name of the paper to memorize them, instead of trying to remember mentally. After 30 days, you will be amazed at your progress. I wish you to become rich & successful in your early life.

Regularly set goals

Successful people always act in the target. They constantly set goals and to pre-plan a workday.

Successful people are those who know the visionary. They have goals for each day, week, month, and year. But the goal will not mean anything if you do not plan to achieve. So next set goals, successful people are trying to find ways to implement them and always take responsibility for myself.

Perfecting itself

Successful people are always looking to improve themselves themselves. They read books every day and learn to improve expertise. They never waste time on things that do not help yourself approaching the target. Successful people know that time is extremely valuable asset and should be used only for his work. Self-improvement is a commitment to implement actions to train myself.

Look for a way to expand understanding. This is not easy, but people can only grown since the ordeal. Once you have the knowledge, opportunities will come to you. However its not that easy all time to become rich and success but you should keep trying.

Health care

Every day, successful people are exercising and eating healthy. Diet is extremely important. Exercise can become a daily habit, as well as bathing. People who exercise regularly will use accumulated a lot of energy to complete the plan in place.

Building relationships

Successful people are the center of attention of the people around. They spend part of their time to strengthen friendships and establish long-term relationships. They always take the initiative in contact and help others without expecting a response.

Someone once said, the most beautiful sound in the world is his own name. So, try to remember the names of all the people you meet. Ask yourself, would not you not impressed with someone's name remember me? It is an effective way to make an impression and the difference for yourself.

There is life in moderation

You will achieve balance in life if you know living in moderation. This means that the sort of work activity, diet, exercise, drinking, watching TV, surfing the web ... in a scientific way. Thus, people would like to join you. When they like you, you will have many opportunities in business cooperation to benefit their work.

Efforts to complete the task

The today not tomorrow. Please complete all of the work has started. All people have fears, but successful people will break the fear aside and try to complete the important task at all costs.

It is advised that when thoughts appear to delay work in the beginning, just repeating the phrase "to do right", and do not stop until the job was finished. 

Pro tip: To become rich and successful "What you start you must finish it, either its get the result positive or negative".

Keep a positive attitude

Most successful people are optimists, enthusiastic and dynamic. They always look at the good points of ourselves and others. For them, the main problems are opportunities waiting to be explored.

Every day we are inundated in countless news about bad things happening. Achievers will minimize exposure to this type of news. Instead, they nourish your soul with positive thoughts from the book.

Become rich today or you will never be. Success will come to you by walking only if you run for it.

Save regularly

Successful people often spend 10-20% of their income to add to savings accounts, investment or retirement reserve.

Reasonable expenses

The rich are always trying to avoid overspending. Meanwhile, many others are struggling with financial difficulties due to spending too likely. They spend more than the amount earned and fell into debt. If you are in this situation, change the right to be able to better control its finances.

Reading every day

A lot of successful people spend at least 30 minutes each day to reading. Reading can open up your knowledge. Spend time reading means you're striving to improve ourselves, help yourself stand out and different from those around them.

Restricting TV viewing

Did you know that most successful people never watch TV than an hour a day? Time spent watching television can be used to do other work much more productive.

Do more than what is required

Instead of completing assigned tasks, successful people often do more than that. They volunteer to do things not in their obligations and thereby improve self-worth. If you are an entrepreneur, you will not have to manage your boss and tasked him. However, keep working hard and dedicated to impress customers.

Talk less, listen more

You always learn something when listening to others. That is why humans have two ears but only one mouth. The others listened not only useful, but also to benefit your work. When paying attention to what other people say, you can help them better.

Never give up

Do not be discouraged if you get stuck. The rich always find a way to manage to overcome all obstacles. Maybe they will have to change its direction, but always moving forward.

Communicate with like-minded people

There's a saying: "Tell me who is your friend, I will tell how you are." Successful people will associate with people as well as their success. These relationships will help you soon achieve their goals.

Master Learning the Games

A lot of people have been glorious success is thanks to the teachings of his mentor. A seasoned predecessors experience will transmit to you the valuable lessons and help you achieve success faster.

Understanding the causes

When you understand the reason for her to do, you will achieve what you want faster. Having clear goals is an extremely important thing to succeed in life and business. Ask yourself why you desire to succeed? For what you want to become rich?

Fear crackdown

But success will not let fear hold back their development. Admit your fears to yourself and find ways to overcome them. You should consult someone you admire or learn the biographies of the rich to see if they had overcome the fear like.

Improving skills

To succeed, the only way is to make themselves better in their field. What might take you to the peak of his career in 30 days? Let's focus on it, that is pursued to the end until you reach for success.
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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cures of insomnia: Simple But Effective Ways To Cure Sleeplessness

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Insomnia, sleeplessness is a disease that anyone can make with a lot of different reasons. Insomnia is very difficult to treat if left unattended and patients living with it. To cure insomnia home remedies are very effective but less chances to be affected. if you are looking for some insomnia cure home remedies then I would suggest your before you do that you should be Stick to a regular sleep schedule.

From ancient times has the phrase "eat, sleep is the first. Not eating or sleeping, loss of money that worried. " A sleep extremely important role, it helps the body to relax, recharge and mentally after a long day's work fatigue, strenuous.

But today the percentage of people suffering from insomnia more serious impact on health as well as mental patients. Have a good sleep, deep sleep is probably the desire for everyone.

Harmful effects of insomnia

  • The average sleep time required for each person needs 7-8 hours / per night 
  • Insomnia is the reason cause psychological instability, always in a state of mental fatigue, anxiety. Prolonged insomnia can lead to depression, a serious impact on the health and mental state of the patient. 
  • In a survey of Administration National Traffic Safety (NHTSA) said, fatigue, lack of focus while driving is the cause of 100,000 traffic accidents / year, of which 1,550 deaths and these people are often under the age of 25.

Insomnia and related diseases

  • CANCER: According to a study showed that the proportion of women working night shifts per day are at risk of cancer by up to 400% 
  • AGEING: Sleep deprivation causes the body aging faster 
  • CARDIOVASCULAR: Sleep disorder, chronic insomnia may cause you to fall into the following illnesses: heart disease; heart attack; heart failure; irregular heartbeat; High Blood Pressure; stroke; diabetes… 
  • SEX: The sleep experts also said that, in spite of the loss of men and women sleep will also affect the sex talk, the insomnia will be less concerned about this issue to cause state apathy. 
  • Depression: Insomnia and depression are two related symptoms closely, insomnia causes depression and depression can cause you to fall asleep more difficult way. 
  • Obesity: Lack of sleep seems to be the cause stimulates the appetite and is one of many causes related to obesity. According to a 2004 study, people who sleep less than 6 hours per day at risk of being obese by 30% higher than those who sleep 7-9 hours. 
  • DEATH: Also according to a study published in 2007 by the British said, minimize the sleep from 7 to 5 hours a day with a high risk of death doubled. And lack of sleep causes increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease more than 2 times ....

Sleeping pills - "more harm"

When suffer insomnia, sleeplessness, sleep disorders, patients often think of the sleeping pills, tranquilizers, but actually this is not the opposite way also seriously affect health patient health.

The purchase of sleeping pills in Vietnam really not too difficult, so patients have the habit of arbitrarily prescribed, arbitrarily abusing drugs which cause unwanted consequences. And this may be the cause of the state of "sleep" dependent on "sleeping pills". My recommendation is to avoid sleeping pills to cure insomnia.

Some statistics:

  • About 50% of doctors in all hospitals with prescription sleeping pills is by habit rather than by the needs of the pathology 
  • 20% of patients that would later become dependent on sleeping pills.

Insomnia Treatments

You must go for a natural treatment for insomnia problem. In that case medication can be your first choice. According to my experience Regular medication and regular exercise will relive you from insomnia. Some short tips below:
  1. Maintain time schedule for sleeping and wake up
  2. Try to wake up early in the morning
  3. Drink enough water
  4. Eat healthy food
  5. Avoid lots of caffeine
  6. Avoid Sleeping pills
  7. Don't be late at dinner
  8. Be tense free
  9. Make sure your anxiety level is in control
  10. Avoid computer screen/ TV screen at night at least 60 minute before you go to bed.

Tips to cure insomnia

Dr. Carl Bazil, MD of the Medical Center of Columbia University said: "Sleep is an act of the body and brain. That's what makes it difficult to distinguish that you need medication to sleep or you "think" that you have to have a new sleep medication ". 
The use of sleeping pills, sedatives in western medicine only temporary effects also make patients more reactive "Non-greasy" in addition to side effects affecting the patient's health. So now many people tend to look to natural remedies.

Some herbs, such as ventricular flower, lotus seeds ... even the tranquilizer is extremely effective for the treatment of insomnia thoroughly that the disease need to know.

The effect of ventricular States

1. As agreed, flowers ventricular sweet, cool, uses the heat, hypotension, liver function conditioning, an effect than..co:
  • Good for cardiovascular 
  • Lose weight 
  • Stable blood pressure 
  • Good for the nervous system to help improve the quality of sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep more deeply. 
  • Effective treatment for dizziness, vertigo, vestibular disorders, cerebral insufficiency situation, tinnitus ...
2. According to modern medicine: ventricular buds with major components are the ingredients of ginseng Rb1, Rb2, sweet, cool and works to reduce cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, enhance week blood ...

How to use:

  • Phase simple as a normal drink tea daily. You can use filtered water instead of tea ventricular drink every day. 
  • Teapot brewing a ventricular flower, tea drinking until diluted, no longer bitter sweetness, the other water changes. 
  • Both easy to drink this tea, the cool bar, good for health, good for the nervous system, improves sleep more efficiently.
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Why Do Women Often Urinate During Sex

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Why do women often urinate during sex! Peeing sensation starts after several strokes, you might be one of the lucky women who can orgasm from penetration alone. Don't be shy ladies, need to know more about your sexual health.

Sisters feel urinate while having sex can be caused by inappropriate posture, urinary tract infection or weak uterus.

Sometimes "the love" your feeling hampered urinate. According to Prevention, which can alert a number of health problems and here are four reasons you are feeling that you need to Pee During Sex.

In many countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia and more talking about sexual health is very difficult cause people feel shy about the topic. But dudes look at the US/Canada or European countries, they are happy and not afraid to talk about their sexual health. If you need take advice from your medical expert.

4 reasons why you want to go to the toilet during sex


If partner has a large waist circumference, a posture easy to make bladder depressed demand led to the toilet.

"The secret" dry

Estrogen vaginal moisture retention and urinary tract. When estrogen levels decline, the mucous membrane of the urinary tract causing dryness women urinate. You can use a moisturizer or estrogen supplements to improve symptoms.


If feeling urinate when sex comes pain, burning when going to the toilet, the more likely you are urinary tract infections, or vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina). Especially, if there is a strange smell or urine and white, gray, you should see a doctor immediately to be prescribed antibiotics.

Weak uterus

In the case of continuous urinate but emit less urine, your uterus is experiencing the problem. Due to age, pregnancy or other factors, uterine muscle weakness caused outside the uterus saggy vagina mouth, put pressure on the bladder. Ideally, you consult your doctor to find out appropriate remedial measures.
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Why People Feel Sad After Sex

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Do you feel sad just after having sex? Believe it or not, it's common thing to feel depressed after having sex, even if it was awesomely mind-blowing. According to the Independent it mostly seen in women and these are symptoms of PCD.

Why people feel sad after sex?

Melancholy after sex is a normal phenomenon, common in both men and women by the hormone prolactin in the body caused.

Believe it or not, feel sad after sex can still occur even if you previously very intimate with a partner. In fact, this is not the lack of sensitivity of both common phenomenon which is called melancholy state after sex.

According to Popsugar, melancholy after sex or PCT (post-coital tristesse) derives from the Latin phrases and words postcoitalis tristesse (sadness) in French. PCT sufferers experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety powerful moment of intimacy has finished or is 2 hours.

Experts explain PCT-related prolactin, hormones help women create milk but also exists in men. When the "top" body releases dopamine producing prolactin to fight, the hormone responsible for sexual stimulation and lead to feelings of melancholy.

Also, while "love", the amount of dopamine creates excitement rising. Until the end, reduced dopamine easily push you into a state of emptiness, anxiety, fear. In addition, sex sometimes make you say things that are not premeditated, e.g desire to have children.

As a result, you will feel ashamed, remorseful and wanted to be alone, to avoid the partner.

By this time I remember a Latin Proverb "All animals are sad after sex" Its true. now if you ask me Is it Normal to be sad or Cry After Sex? I would like to say, Yes it is!
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The Effects Of Virgin Grass: Use of Mimosa pudica as Harbal Medicine

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Mimosa pudica: Virgin grass belongs to the Virgin, the other name is grass ashamed, embarrassed trees, Lojjaboti flower (লজ্জাবতী ফুল), trees are shy drug names in traditional medicine practitioners function as a small plant workshop, large clumped together. Great effect in treating certain diseases. The stem is erect in young plants, as it grows up it gets more exotic. 

What is Mimosa pudica? Or What is Virgin grass?

Plants or plant virgin ashamed, embarrassed tree, the tree of shame, religious functions Draft (scientific name: Mimosa pudica L.) is a small growing plant on earth draft. In India and Bangladesh, its name is Lojjaboti flower (লজ্জাবতী ফুল).


The Effects Of Virgin Grass: Use of Mimosa pudica
Description of Virgin Grass or Mimosa pudica: Small tree, distribution branches, grow in dust, grass, and bushes on the ground, 50cm height, body shape sharp hooks. Even-pinnate compound leaves, twice, stem side propeller classified as shown, use a light touch when it leaves falling back swing, or swing back evening also. Small leaflets include 12-16 pairs.

Small flowers, light purple, together forming the first image. Small borders results, the 2cm long, 2-3mm wide, together forming a star-shaped, with a small bristle-grain, large flats of 2 mm, width 1-1,5mm. Submit small female hemp plants, sprouting review in soil, leaf sheath with fur fringe. When the crash came, and at night, the leaves folded. The Virgin tree is native to Brazil.

Flower season: May 6-8.

Shame trees growing wild in many parts of many countries: roadsides, field bunds, on the hill.

Parts used: Branches, leaves, and roots.

Distribution: Grows wild in many places in our country and many other countries.

Harvesting: In summer, the lush growing plants, cut out parts on the ground, drying is (taking care to avoid defoliants).

Countries Where found Mimosa pudica: You may see virgin grass or exotic plants in many countries. Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal and maybe more countries should be added to the list, but I can't because I don't know other information yet.

What Happen if You touch Mimosa pudica / Lojjaboti flower (লজ্জাবতী ফুল) / Virgin Grass?
The tree is very sensitive. It can erect and move. If you touch anywhere of the tree, it will close its leafs just like closing doors.
Anticonvulsant activity: [chiefly of a drug used to prevent or reduce the severity of epileptic fits or other convulsions] Department of Sciences Research at Biologists, Faculty of Sciences, University of Ngaoundere (Cameroon) noted extract from leaves shy when injected through the membrane being attempted (IP) in mice at a dose of 1000 to 4000 mg / kg body weight to protect mice against seizures caused by strychnine however pentylenetetrazol and this service does not affect the convulsions induced by phototropic, and more antagonistic effect with the reaction of mentally caused by N-methyl-D.

Antidepressant activity (antidepressant): Research at the University of Veracruz (Mexico) recorded water extracted from the dried leaves of Mimosa pudica antidepressant effects when tested on mice. Experiments also use clomipramine, desipramine to compare and placebo (0.9% saline). Doses used have been changed (using 4 different sizes from 2 mg, 4 mg, 6 mg and 8 mg/kg). Mice were tested by forced swimming test.

Activity against anxiety: was compared to diazepam, try using the mouse test run through the complex path (maze). The results scored: clomipramine (1,3 mg / kg, IP injection), desipramine (2.14mg / kg IP) and Mac (6,0mg / kg and 8.0 mg / kg IP) reduced reaction estate right in the test began swimming.
Mimosa pudica no action on the maze test. The researchers said that the activity of shy mechanism similar tricycle type depression group.

The effects on ovulation cycle: Research at Annamalai University, Tamilnadu (India): mimosa pudica root powder (150 mg/kg body weight) when administered through the stomach, changing where rats oestrous cycle Rattus norvegicus ones. Type ganglion cells (nucleated and cornified) will not appear. Mucus only the number of leukocytes .. simultaneously ordinary eggs significantly reduced, while the number of eggs deteriorated increased. (Phytotherapy Research Number 16-2002). Activity lowers blood sugar: The extract from the leaves embarrassed by ethanol, drinking mice, doses of 250 mg/kg showed the effect of lowering blood sugar fairly obvious (Fitoterapia No. 73-2002).

Function: Sedation, analgesia, except rheumatism,

Parts used as drugs of virgin grass roots and foliage. The roots were dug throughout the year, sliced, dried or dried. Foliage harvested in summer, use fresh or dried.

Medicinal taste sweet, slightly astringent, slightly cold calculation, an effective sedative to calm anti-inflammatory, soothes pain, pressure, volume consumption, diuretic, used in the following cases:

The roots are used in all ashamed drugs with acrid, slightly bitter, warm, toxic, with effects only the expression, cultural talks, through economic, communication activities, drawn position, objectives achievement.

Cure arthritis, back pain, osteoarthritis pain, paralyzed limbs: virgin roots sliced, soaked in alcohol, so fragrant (20-30g) was excellent with 100ml 400ml water, 2 times a day orally. If pharmaceuticals can cook a lot of high-liquid, then bartender for personal use.

How to Use Virgin Trees as Herbal Medicine at Home

Mimosa pudica can be used in many ways to cure many diseases (research going on in Oxford University). Used alone or in coordination with other herbs according to the following formula:
  • Lesson 1: root virgin, grapefruit extract roots, roots chrysanthemum each 20g frequency; steering nail root, licorice root 10g wire each. Excellent drink during the day can soak liquor. 
  • Lesson 2: Root virgins, both climbing (Games Simulation) each 20g; 15g scratched grass roots; 10g lemongrass roots. All the gold stars, great drink on a ladder. 
  • Lesson 3: virgin roots, trunk chili lane large leaves, stems foam frog, whooping each 10g root, dong female white roots, fruits golden dodder, each 8g. All cooked with water 2 times, then her high into the liquid. 2 times a day orally. 
  • Lesson 4: virgin 10g roots; foil mills, sea spinach, passion, scratched grass roots, leaves guise 3g each. Superb braking with boiling water or drinking. 
  • Lesson 5: roots virgins, sacrificed Them, prickly range saucepan, rope bone pain, Millennium event, breaking for parts, continuous piece, cord plugged, blood inventory over 12g each. Excellent drink or soak in drinks.

The Effects Of Virgin Grass: Use of Mimosa pudica as Harbal Medicine
Foliage used in Oriental medicine Drug, stems and leaves of shame is sweet, slightly bitter, cold calculation, toxic fumes; sound effects can fire, sedative, objectives achievement, detoxification.

The modern research shows that plants have embarrassed inhibitory effect CNS, cure insomnia. It also has the ability to slow down time appeared convulsions, pain and acid detoxification.

Here are some specific applications:

- To treat insomnia and relieve nerve: can get embarrassing 6-12 g leaves excellence for water, drink before bedtime. You can also get embarrassed leaves, wire passion, a technical circuit (primary root hair trees), seeds sienna stars, nostalgic paint (lacquer tubers) each of 20 g, excellent drink.

- Relieve aching bones: Tree roots cut into pieces shame thin, dry. Every day for 120 g of roasted brought up, then 35-40 degrees soaked in alcohol and then dry roasted. For 600 ml of water, 200-300 ml size also, divided 2-3 times/day. After 4-5 days will see results.

- Treatment of chronic gastritis, flower eyes, headaches, insomnia: embarrassing 10-15 g roots, excellent drinking water.

- Chronic Bronchitis: shy 30g, 16g Cam excellent drink root leaves, divided into two doses.

- Chronic inflammation of the trachea: Tree roots ashamed 100 g with 600 ml of watercolors for 100 ml, 2 divided doses during the day; each 10-day treatment course. The clinical observation that 70% of patients cured or get better after 1 treatment course. This rate is 80% after 2-3 treatment course.

- Healing Zona: Leaves embarrassed smashed up into the site of disease

- Cure discharge: Fresh pounding virgin roots, extraction of the juice, sweetened and drink 3 times a day. 2 tablespoons each time in a week.

- Treatment of hypertension: virgin foliage, chlorophyll monitoring department, great flowers, the back, pass key, Erythrina oriental leaves, seeds Sicklepod (stars), leaves every taste 8g white crane, red Polygonum, mourning parasitic every taste 6g, 4g of long addresses. Excellent drink during the day. Can spread the dough, fine sieve, doing exercises with park lake, drinking 20-30g per day.

Special attention: According to traditional medicine, virgin shell anesthetic effect, high doses of anesthesia. Pregnant women should not be used.
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How To Reduce Your Anxiety: 10 Easy Ways To Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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Teenager's stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high! Anxiety is an epidemic and its increasing highly all over the world. Control your anxiety level and live healthy life. "how to relieve stress and anxiety" or "how to relieve anxiety" or "How To Reduce Your Anxiety" is highly viral search on google according to OLB survey. So lets learn today how to reduce your anxiety and stress.
"Smile, breathe and go slowly." ~ Fahim Ahsan! This is the Way to relieve stress and anxiety.
How To Reduce Your Anxiety: 10 Easy Ways To Relieve Stress and Anxiety
An anxiety-like feel tension, despair, and do not like to be myself. I know what brings achievement panic attacks feel; I've been through a lot. I do not want them to become the worst enemy of mine.

Anxiety can be debilitating and affect every aspect of your daily life.

I remember about four years ago, when I was feeling overwhelmed and worried I almost could not get out of my house. I have three children at that time. That's all what I can do in order to pass a day.

Just make a small meal for the family also made me feel like more than I can handle. 

Pro Tip: To reduce your anxiety you need to tensed free. You can not be stress free until you have tension.

I remember at lunchtime I have put together the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to seven in a row and I stood there thinking, what on earth is wrong with me? This is not Hannah that I know! I'm not this person. How is it that I am here!?

I fell to the floor and broke down with tears, as when I was filled with guilt about how I did not like my wife and mother should be. The light through the window, slide down the floor tiles, and is full of crumbs. I can not remember the last time when I was sweeping the floor.

Time went by I learned many lessons, and I continue to learn lessons on a daily basis. I am a human. I still have days worried but now I realize that I'll pass.

I accept them.

They do not quite as bad as I thought.

You have to keep going. You need to continue to a foot in front and knew that it would not be like this forever. Remember that one in five people feel the same way you do.

Thankfully, I've been through this, because it pushed me to learn about many aspects of health that I will never be interested. I'm stronger in the long run. You will too.

I've learned that we need to take care a priority. Sometimes it can feel really uncomfortable when we spend time with. To say no to others and putting yourself first, but we have to do.

If we can give to others, we need to have something for themselves, whether it is time, love and patience.

Our society lives very rushed and often stressful. We need to make every effort possible to slow down, take time to relax and rejuvenate. We are not naturally built into everyday moments and if you can not do that, then now is the time to start.

10 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Anxiety & Stress

I would love to share ten simple ways you can reduce your anxiety today. Here are a few of the strategies that I personally daily practice.

1. Reduce sweet from your diet.

Sugar can wreak havoc on your health. It adds to the overall burden of stress for your body. Anyone struggling with anxiety do not need to add any tension. Sugar is also void of the nutrients; during stress, your body needs unprocessed foods full of vitamins and minerals. This will reduce your anxiety level up to 20%.

2. Use lavender oil.

Lavender oil has been used for centuries and that is versatile essential oil. With a pleasant scent and soothing properties, it has a refreshing fragrance that calm the mind and body.

Use lavender safely on your skin, rub the wrists, behind the ears, a dot on your neck, and enjoy its scent. You can use a few drops in the bath or in the bathroom.

3. Go to bed to sleep at 10:30.

When you worry, your stress levels soar and your nerves shrink. Lack of sleep only adds to the problem. Go to bed at 10:30 will give your body enough time to rest and help soothe your nervous system.

Enough sleep helps you reduce the level of cortisol (hydrocortisone) and overall burden placed on his body. Sometimes sleep alone can get the biggest help when it comes to cure anxiety.

4. Practice yoga.

I practice my yoga and found a reduction in anxiety symptoms. Now I can not live without it! Very practical and proved way to reduce your anxiety from today.

Through yoga, you learn to breathe deeply and effectively, it is very good for reducing stress. You move your body gently and get some exercise without stressing it out more.

Yoga is also an excellent starting point to learn how to meditate. Through yoga, you learn to move more slowly and pay attention throughout your day, you learn to recognize the tension in your body, so you can work to relax.

5. Walk / jog.

It also allows you to soak up some vitamin D, clear your mind, and get a fresh new look on life.

Those who have dealt with long-term anxiety may find that their body is not quite up to jogging or running yet.

If you feel exhausted and tired after you jog, especially if the feeling lasts for a few days, be kind to yourself and do not push yourself to that point. Take a step back and just allow yourself to move gently. Yoga and walking are great alternatives.

6. Keep a diary.

A diary can be very good. Just like emptying a good friend or a therapist, you can pour into your diary pages. But do not forget to record the positive things.

Record a few things each day that you are grateful. Write about the good things that happened. Write down the things you want to see in your life that may not have, but write them like that happened.

7. Track your thoughts.

We do not always realize their thoughts affect how we feel and how often, we even think negative thoughts harm. Write down every negative thought you have, then flip them around and write down the positive version.

If you think, "I'm so tired, I never get enough sleep," convert the thoughts and think, "I may be tired, but I will not always feel this way, and I can get a good night's sleep tonight. "this exercise can be very clear.

8. Eating fermented foods.

Research shows that the bacteria in our gut communicate with our brains, and vice versa. Most digestive system we were exhausted by the beneficial bacteria through repeated use of antibiotics, a poor diet of processed foods, toxins environment and stress.

By eating fermented foods that are high in probiotics such as kefir (Dodhi - দধি), fermented vegetables, and kombucha (a beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria.), we have more good bacteria back into your intestines and improve physical health and their mental it is during this process. A recently published article talks about how sauerkraut can even help people with anxiety. Great!

9. Add protein to every meal.

People who struggle with anxiety can benefit from the stable blood sugar effects of protein in every meal. According to some doctors, we should be getting 50-75 grams of protein a day.

Start your day with protein (kefir, cheese, eggs, full-fat yogurt with the fruit and nuts) and continue the habit at every meal and snack. Remember your meal can reduce your anxiety in a short period.

10. Reading in a positive way.

When you feel like you can not muster a positive attitude on your own, instead relying on others to positive vibrations. Favorite books, you can heal your life.

A diary of your favorite phrases from this book so you can look at them every day. Never underestimate the power of a positive book.

I hope these simple suggestions can help you in the process of recovery from anxiety. Try all of them to reduce your anxiety and see what works best for you and implement them daily.
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