Sunday, July 3, 2016

Live Longer & Healthier like a Monk by Boosting Your Immune System

How to Live Longer life using natural remedies? Live Longer and Healthier like a Monk with This Monastery Remedy for Boosting Your Immune System. Who else want to live linger on this earth? Give a try this method, I hope for most of you this Living longer method will work.
It is well known that the holy men & monks living in monasteries see nature as a very special gift. The Monks always use natural remedies that are written in the holy books. Maybe this is the key to them to live longer life.

Usually they live on a clean & high mountain places and they grow their own food. Yes you are reading right, they grow their own foods. The secrets of the herbs and their healing powers are their specialty which no one knows perfectly. 
They have a really powerful monastery remedy for boosting your immune system which you can make it very easily.

Monastery Remedy for boosting your immune system

Now check out how to prepare powerful monastery remedy for boosting your immune system and live longer by eating this. 

350 grams – ground walnuts (or chopped)
350 grams – raisins (chopped)
350 grams of finely grated carrot
juice of four lemons
A jar of honey

All these ingredients are mixed well and collected in jars.
In particular decreased immunity take three tablespoons a day properly arranged.

Perfect dose: Two tablespoons a day.

Due to the high temperatures this remedy is good to be kept in a regular refrigerator.

You will see visible effects after the use of this remedy over a period of 1-2 months.

Yes you are done. Use it daily, try to eat at morning. 

Living like a Shaolin Monk gives us a fascinating insight into how we can live a longer, healthier life with more vitality even in the midst of our urban modern life


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