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How to Stay Positive and Happy: 10 Positive Thinking

I saw many people to search "How to Stay Positive and Happy or how to stay positive during difficult times?" Positive emotions make you healthy and happy. Positive Thinking is your key in hand!

How to Stay Positive?

It's not always easy to stay positive and happy. Try this: Smile, Gratitude, Affirmations, Surround Yourself with Positive People. Start a Happiness Bank. Be Kind. Go With the Flow. Stay Present in the Moment.

Although everything looks in your life to Chaos: You never should head in the sand. Finally, (almost) all a matter of perspective. If you try to be optimistic about the world and to think positively, already see gray clouds no longer so bleak.

How to Stay Positive and Happy: 10 Positive Thinking

Easy to take Life is actually not that difficult. Positive thinking is the motto! How do you want please? Well, it started with you to take yourself and your thoughts once under the microscope. Here are ten tips to often times to think positive!

Think positive 1: Setting thing - half full or half empty?

Eight times it as you go through life. Are you more the type of person who holds the glass of half full? Or empty for half? If you are among the pessimists, then change it! It may take a long time, but remember when negative thoughts over and over again because you alone determine your view of the world!

Positive thinking 2: Happiness is not only winning the lottery

Rejoice about the little things in everyday life. A hot cup of coffee in the morning or evening to stretch your feet on the couch and flop down on the pillows. These are beautiful moments. Do realize that and not wait for the big bang, the prince on the white horse or the lottery win. Enjoy the moment. Even the small. (Then you're also deeply relaxed when the prince comes.)

Think positive 3: Do not get angry

Yes, there are problems, stress and bad experiences in life. But let them never get power over you! Anyone who annoys disproportionate about every mistake of spending too much time with negative thoughts. And: Take the really difficult experiences of life. Some things you can not change. Accept, head high and continue!

Positive thinking 4: You are good!

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Who likes himself and is at peace with itself, which is a much more relaxed through life.

Positive thinking 5: Be a source of joy

Positive thinking also means to live in the here and now, and to see other people's safety. Take care not only about yourself, but also treat the people around you with kindness and heart.

Think positive 6: Do not compare yourself with others

Nothing makes unhappy in life than the comparison with others. Why always squinting at his fellow man? This is only your life and you can make something of it! Other people have their problems (!) - So happy they appear. Therefore, to start to look at you and to no one else.

Think positive 7: Hey, good mood! Come here!

Who only waits to turn the circumstances for the better, which should make it clear: Each of us has his own fortune. So get active and make yourself that you're doing well and you have a reason to smile.

Think positive 8: Bye, lousy day!

If one has so caught a real catastrophe-in which simply goes wrong everything, you should not hide, but to say: "That's enough No other disasters This day can definitely still be saved..!"

Think positive 9: good-time list

Even in the saddest moments, one should always remember that what is good in life. Often one thinks only of what just went wrong. Rotisserie around! Take in lousy moments a piece of paper and write down what it is good in your life.

Positive thinking 10: Even the woman

Nobody is nice to you and you feel lonely and unloved? Then love yourself. Give yourself flowers and do not begrudge you a champagne on the balcony. Impact important that you are there, because you're such a nice person.

If you search for the term "How To Stay Positive or How To Stay Positive and Happy" Google will give you a million results. Which all are not genuine information or not tasted. Whatever I have written here is tasted by myself and all its my own experience. Try these positive thinking to keep your life happy.
Happy Motivated Life! 


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