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How to Sleep Well: 10 Ways To Sleep Better Every Night

How to sleep better at night naturally? Sleep Better tonight! Falling asleep may seem like an impossible dream when you're awake at 3 a.m., but good sleep is more under your control than you might think. Lets check out top 10 ways on how to sleep fast or how to sleep better or how to sleep naturally.

According to studies, every second woman suffers from insomnia. So you sleep better, there are the most important tips to restlessness at night and for a restful night.

Mostly it is due to occupational stress when sleep just will not come. In second and third place are family and health problems. Women meets it in terms of insomnia especially hard: Every second has regularly face sleeping problems and would like to sleep better. Also every fourth man says: "I often do not sleep well."

More and more people resort to sleeping pills to help you sleep better - and go with it in a vicious circle. As shown position from the tablets, the quality of sleep is promptly worse again. A dependency can be the result. If it so any other way, you should stay away from taking appropriate medication. fem has compiled the ten best sleep tips for you:

1. Sleep better sleep hygiene thanks

In bed breakfast namely television you relax - a favor you do to so, but in the long term. Your brain brings the bedchamber so with waking activities related and also arises at bedtime on an activity. The only exception: sex in bed is allowed and even promotes a better nights sleep. Ideally, no longer in the bedroom as a bed, chair and wardrobe - a desk disturbs the sleep hygiene also: How on earth could there unwind from work stress?

2. Tempering bedroom ideal

Suitable temperature in the bedrooms are cool 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. If that is just too cold, should not be afraid to go to sleep at up to 20 degrees - cold brings namely nothing. And temperatures below 16 degrees even promote the growth of mold, because the moisture that separates the body at night, can not dry. More important than cool air is sufficient oxygen: before going to bed at night shock-ventilate for 15 minutes then it sleeps better. In addition, between 45 and 65 percent humidity are optimal.

3. Relax suitable Before sleeping

The work consisted entirely of hectic meetings, then you still sitting to 20 pm on the desk and tomorrow you must already at 7 am out, because a business trip is pending. Who tried in such a situation, at 22 o'clock to go to bed, will probably only departures restless and herwälzen. Reason: the body and brain had simply no chance runterzufahren. Tip: Place one round before retiring a relaxation. Techniques such as yoga, autogenous training or progressive muscle relaxation have proved it. Many courses there's even a CD or DVD. Inserting come down, sleep better.

4. Manage fluids, sleep better

When it comes to drinks you need to consider all kinds. Sensitive people should:
a) after 16h take no strong coffee, black or green tea and no more coke to be. The caffeine contained stimulates the organism sometimes for hours!
b) consume any alcohol three hours before going to bed. Although beer or wine can accelerate sleep, but often result in the second half of the night to wake states.
c) evening drink herbal tea - especially to sleep-promoting herbs such as hops, lemon balm and valerian roots are. There are also ready-mixed "Schlaftees" to buy.
d) before going to bed sipping a cup of warm milk with honey. This can work wonders: the tryptophan from milk is transformed in the brain into serotonin. The glucose in honey, ensures the rapid transport of the protein into the brain block. Follow: sleepiness and relaxation.

5. Eat right for relaxing sleep

The golden rule is: Never go to bed with a full stomach. The last meal should ideally be taken at least three hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the stomach and intestines are so busy with digestion that to a quiet, deep sleep is not to think. If you only very late coming home at night, and then there are hungry, you should be careful to eat only small portions and no indigestible food - hard on the stomach include salads, fresh fruit and wholemeal bread. Nighttime trips to the refrigerator Solllten incidentally also be off limits if you want to sleep better.

6. Comply with the sleep-wake rhythm

Perhaps you will now cry because you the idea is an abomination, not being able to sleep on weekends: Studies have shown that people who get up every day at the same time, rarely suffer from sleep. Reason: The body gets accustomed to the alarm, the internal clock is set on it, and you will be in the evening at the right time tired and can sleep better.

7. Sufficient move for better sleep

All day sitting only on the PC, in the evening a bit watched TV and then go to bed? Not a good idea. The body needs movement. So how's would with a small walk in the evening? Regular, moderate sports also helps against night restlessness. Your exercise program you should not go through the late evening, however: The effort stimulates your Sympathetic Nervous System, only a few hours later uses the necessary bed severity.

8. Positive distracted, sleep peacefully

Most sleep disorders are triggered by stress, ruminations and negative thoughts (see above). To shake off this, it brings something to be aware of pleasant, quiet images per inner eye. Imagine, for example, before, they sit on a sunny meadow flowers and listen to the sound of crickets - or think of a gentle slumbering toddler to help you sleep better. If not let the negative thoughts so drive them out of his head, helps monotonous counting sheep. Cars, fish, and books do's of course ...

9. Avoid The internal clock sake light

The glare of neon lights, screens and bedside lamps wakes and brings evening the internal clock from the clock. So just do not watch TV to fall asleep, surf the net at night or equal to turn the light on at wake-up attacks.

10. Remain calm With Insomnia

Now you have twice slept badly, are tired you drop - but the sleep will not come easily. Most important rule: Do not make yourself crazy. The body brings itself back his sleep. Thoughts like, "Oh, but I have to be in top shape but tomorrow" or "I'll never be able to sleep again" bring anything and make you even more nervous. Much better: a (underhandedness) listen to or get audio book and read a few pages, until you are tired again. Usually one survives a day after a restless night much better than you think. If the insomnia but persist over a noticeable length of time, should consult a doctor.
Slept through drugs?

Sometimes it can be for a better sleep but also make sense to additionally use gentle as possible natural resources.  

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