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How to Kiss: French Kiss & Butterfly to Macho Kiss

Kissing is probably one of the most wonderful things in the world. And because this is so, there are almost countless Kiss species with which we can sweeten the life and love. There are different types of kisses such as french kiss, drunken kiss etc.

How to Kiss: French Kiss & Butterfly to Macho Kiss

Some kiss species belong to the standard program: The shy goodnight kiss for a perfect date is one for kissers world classic. But there are also kiss species that are wicked considerably. Or on the contrary, particularly playful and affectionate.

A perfect kiss is like looking at Eve evening shortly before midnight in the sky. There is the countdown to the first lip contact, the moment at which the heart beats wildly, and ... kiss!

Whether sweetly or infamous, to melt or firearms license fee: It depends on the situation, the atmosphere and of course the kiss partner. Thus you can handle best in the future for all the kisses, we present the most beautiful and famous Kiss style overview!

The first kiss

The first kiss is that kiss was said and written about in this world most and over which most the head is broken. He is also the stuff of our fondest memories are formed. By somehow I forgot about my first kiss, lol. Do you remember your first kiss?

The first kiss between two people, the feelings go haywire. The body has his own fun, while the thoughts carousel as fast turns that one could get dizzy.

A first kiss is in most cases a highly romantic kiss, which can provide from one moment to the other everything upside down. Haaach, yes ....

The French Kiss: How to french kiss step by step guide

The French kiss is arguably the most famous kiss in the world: A kiss with open mouth and using tongue and lips in (hopefully) perfect harmony.

How to Kiss: French Kiss & Butterfly to Macho Kiss

You do not need to learn French, to give such a kiss. It begins with the encounter slightly open lips, then her lips open completely, and finally - finally! - The tongue comes into play.

This form of kissing can be quite humid. What some particular turn-ons (via saliva takes the woman increases testosterone, which makes desire for sex), others find rather off-putting. It is advisable to alternate the French kiss with caresses on the neck, ears or other body parts. Improvising allowed! Personally I love and enjoy french kiss. But sometime I can feel that my partner feeling shy, that's why I had to stop my french kiss there. Do you have any experience about french kiss? Share with me.

French kissing is a lot of fun if you know what you are doing. French Kiss means everything to me. No doubt you will love this too once you apply french kiss to your partner.

The macho Kiss

The macho kiss corresponds to the motto "Me Tarzan, you Jane". If you do not mind, as to be pushed around a doll, the macho kiss can make a lot of fun.

If the guy you tackled properly and as firmly kisses, as if it were him seriously, which is pretty hot - especially if he pulls itself out of the blue and filmreif demonstrated that he already knows what is good for you ,

At worst, it feels sadly on as if you were dismantled personally by Chuck Norris, of "the little lady showing how a man kisses". If such a mistake is finally finished, edit your lips, you feel sometimes like a soft knocked steak.

Risk is part of the game.

The drunken kiss

The drunken kiss is too often confused with the romantic kiss. He acts like sweet liqueur, made a dizzy, and at the end it is all confused and would perhaps bite of shame in the table edge.

Drunk kisses are a bit sabbrig and bystanders usually extremely unattractive, although even somehow thinks it look truly enchanting and quite sharp.

In reality, involuntary viewer are repelled rather fascinated. and even if you know nothing more about himself the next day from this kiss: you can be sure that all other still remember well.

The Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly kisses are so light that they almost tickling, and are traditionally and most beautifully presented with eyelashes.

For butterfly kisses let your eyelashes on a sensitive (and erogenous) part of the body flutter and tickle therefore very lightweight. Particularly happy in this way spoiled facial points are cheeks, lips or eyes, the rest of the body would be about butterflies at neck, nipples and private parts.

In the same light as a feather type, you can also distribute the mouth butterfly kisses way. However, this requires some lip exercise ...

The goodnight kiss

At the end of the evening, just before you and he split up on your doorstep, it's time for the goodnight kiss. Often these are the long-awaited first kiss, romantic and shy a little. It can however also be a verboten kiss, the desire to make more.

Everyone knows that a goodnight kiss on the spot still can significantly develop more, and therefore, this kiss is so tremendously exciting.

Who wants to teach his date gentle that now (and in the future) is no longer visible, the places his goodnight kiss on the cheek. And who wants to make the comparison clear that he finds it really attractive, going to risk all and breathes the goodnight kiss precisely to the lips ...

That was a few naughty tips and juicy secrets on how to kiss. Did you enjoyed? If yes, Share this article to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. 
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