Saturday, July 2, 2016

How to Eat Less to Lose Weight?

How to Eat Less and Enjoy It More? How to eat less and lose weight? What you eat is very important, but if you eat too much (any food including healthy foods) then it can stop you from losing weight. So you should be careful when you are eating foods without notice that how much you are eating actually.

I won't give you restriction to have extreme calories, But there are a few tricks you may use while you are going to have foods to reduce the amount of foods you eat. I promise your brain will be fooled easily. Now lets check out how you can eat less or control your food limit.

10 Simple Ways To Eat Less Without Noticing

1. Use a smaller plate to eat. A small plate makes any amount of food look like a lot of foods. A full plate sends the signal that you’re eating a full meal and a partially full plate looks like a skimpy meal, regardless of the actual quantity of food.

2. Don’t eat straight out of the package. If you can’t see how much you are eating, you won’t realize you are eating too much.

3. Drink more water. Use a tall glass. Try drinking more water in general you drink. Try to avoid sugary drinks and empty calories.

4. Chew slower. Your brain doesn’t recognize you are full until too late. Slow down the process, and let your brain catch up.

5. Eat more protein for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but only when you eat enough protein.

6. Avoid distractions. When you are distracted by television or anything else, you aren’t paying attention to how much you are eating.

7. Eat three meals every day. Avoid binge eating by eating when you are supposed to.

8. You aren’t hungry unless you are hungry enough to eat an apple. Listen to Michael Pollan, and make sure you are hungry and not just bored.

9. Don’t eat in front of the TV
For the vast majority of us, distracted eating is overeating. The end of a show or movie is another powerful cue signifying that a meal is over, so parking in front of the TV with your plate for a Battlestar Galactica marathon is probably not the best idea. With the invention of DVR, there’s no reason you can’t take twenty minutes to sit down and have a proper meal before enjoying your shows.


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