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5 Super-Intimate Sex Positions

Spice up your sex life with the five awesome intimate sex positions and Discover a special kind of closeness with your heartiest person. According to my knowledge the best sexual experiences are a balance of physical pleasure and emotional connection. Some sex positions are designed to make your relationship stronger and bring you the awesomeness of being closer with the love.

Super-Intimate Sex Positions

CAUTION!! This post contains sexual information, which may not safe for children. If you are below 18 Please leave this page immediately. If you still want to learn more about the topic feel free to read on at your own risk.

There are many ways to get your partner really close. Experiencing new things together, to look deeply into the eyes by candlelight or entwined asleep next to each other. And then there's the sex. Open, honest, uninhibited and topped by a fantastic orgasm - because swirling the endorphin!

We have a few sexual positions picked out where you really come close to and where you also wonderfully snuggle, smooch and can spoil each other. For a lengthy, hot and intimate night for two. Because Cuddle sex can be damn hot.

5 super intimate positions

Position no. 1: Ungenerous Lotus Flower

He sits cross-legged on the bed, on a chair or armchair. She sits forward on his lap and wraps both legs around him. As he enters it, he sets the pace, calling them touches the hips rhythmically and dressed. An especially intimate position in which the two are very close, look deep into your eyes and can thereby smooch uncontrollably.

Position no. 2: cross stitch with view

She lies on her back, stretched out a leg and the other is bent. He sits down on her outstretched thighs and pushes his knee gently under the legs of the bent leg. The woman can her partner place one hand on the hip and determine the rhythm of his thrusts or sit back and be pampered. This position may look as if both had little physical contact, but it has it all: Because at this position, both showing another openly and both can enjoy the sight of the other calmly.

Position no. 3: Full entwined

The woman lies on her back, he to her, as in the classic missionary position. She wraps both legs around his body and opens it so far. Thus, the woman does not have to carry his weight, it is recommended that it is supported on the arms. Now she can pull it with their legs in the rhythm itself. A closely entwined and tender position in which both are likely to get their costs.

Position no. 4: cocktail party

Small intimate cocktail party anyone? He is comfortably leaning against a wall, in front of him. She wraps a leg around his waist. There she stands in front of him, this position is perfect for him to hit her G-spot at the right angle. And because he holds all the time in his arms, both have full body contact. This position is the way also perfect for the shower - additionally the hot water still stimulates.

Position no. 5: The glowing juniper

At first glance, a bit like the classic missionary position, this position has enormous advantages: The man is namely only apparent on her, he goes further easily on all fours. So he can lift her pelvis in its direction and move to the rhythm. Or he can caress her body, stimulate their erogenous zones and kiss your heart's content.


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