Sunday, July 10, 2016

11 Surprising Tips to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

One of the biggest questions I get is, "how can I lose my belly fat? I have tried several things, but nothing worked." When I ask what you have been trying that I am every day 100 sit-ups, drastically cutting calories, about cardio, fat burners, etc. 

Belly fat is considered especially unhealthy because it can increase blood pressure and blood sugar levels and adversely affect blood lipid levels. Purposefully you can not lose belly fat, but with a few rules and lifestyles they can counteract it at least and live healthier.

If you lose belly fat by doing so many sit-ups and yoga's, you are using the wrong approach. You do not need endless sit-ups, supplements, surgery or starvation worse. Here are 11 Easy and Effective Tips to lose belly fat naturally.

1. Eat breakfast

Many people make the morning meal out like once. Here the breakfast is very essential for the body. Start with a coffee or green tea, a yogurt with muesli and fresh fruit or a wholemeal bread in the day.

2. Eat less fat

To put the belly fat body, you should pay attention to your fat intake. Prefer to eat steamed vegetables or boiled instead of fried food. Fast food should also be off limits.

3. Not all fats are bad

There are also healthy fats that your body without feeling guilty - can perform - in moderation of course. The fat z. B. in avocados, walnuts or olive oil saturates long lasting. Cravings can thus be avoided.

4. Sugar is unhealthy

Even products with an unusually high proportion of sugar should be prevented because the sugar from sweets & Co. passes very quickly into the bloodstream. The result: blood sugar level rises. To compensate for this, the body produces insulin, because the hormone lowers blood sugar. However, a high insulin level in the blood leads to the fact that the body intercalates much fat.

5. Avoid too much alcohol

Alcohol contains hidden calories. Drink therefore cocktails, beer and sparkling wine in moderation or discontinue to use it. According to European study women also get faster a beer belly than men.

6. Sleep you sufficiently

Not for nothing is always preached again how important is sleep for our health. So try to relax enough. We recommend between seven and eight hours. It is also advisable to go out every night at the same time to go to bed and get up in the morning at the same time. Sometimes power napping can help, because who is tired, still likes to sugar and fatty foods.

7. Move

Exercise and sport are the alpha and omega if you want to do something against belly fat. Arrange to meet with friends for coffee instead but rather for walking, jogging or swimming. To motivate each other can help to exercise regularly and move forward.

8. Coke, lemonade

An important tip many nutritionists is "do not drink calorie."  Therefore Do not use fruit juices and soft drinks, because they contain a lot of sugar and beat with net caloric impact. So the daily calorie requirement is achieved faster than you think. Take calories from healthy foods and drink water or unsweetened herbal teas.

9. Drink Plenty

Water and unsweetened herbal teas can and should drink even plentiful and with a clear conscience. Try - if medically there is nothing - 1.5-2 liters per day to drink it.

10. Refrain from light bread

White bread contains predominantly easily digestible sugar and less fiber than dark wholemeal bread. This fiber is necessary and good for our bodies. Let rise only slowly the blood sugar level - we are therefore satisfied longer. So eat instead Nutshell Toast with butter prefer wholemeal bread with cream cheese and lean turkey breast.

11. Document your meals

Sometimes it can help to lead a kind of food diary. Write exactly what you eat throughout the day. Thus, for junk foods and sugar nasty traps better track. Even unconscious snacking at work or in the evening in front of the television is so apparent.

In General, there are many things you may need to improve to lose belly fat. Wait, Be careful. You can not change your all things or habits at a time, this will harm your health. You should start by focusing on changing or improving just one thing. Then try next and onward.


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