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To Blog Or Not To Blog – Is That The Question?

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A couple of weeks have gone by since I made a serious effort to get my blog up and running.  I went through theme after theme trying to find the perfect one that just felt right.  Not understanding all the concepts, I turned to the wonderful people in some of the blogging communities I joined and asked questions as well as YouTube and the Internet.  Slowly I began to  understood a little more and blogging took on a whole new meaning to me.  I am by no means an expert and I still have a long ways to go, but I thought I would share a few things I have discovered in my journey.
  1. Blogging takes a lot of work.  It isn’t a matter of just setting up a page and writing in it every once in a while.  You have to interact with people and interact often.  Most important is to get your name out there.
  2. When I first started, I joined every blogging community I could find on Facebook.  I am not sure this was a smart thing to do because I soon became lost. Too many comments to comment on,  not remembering who I liked or followed.  I spent more time clicking peoples blogs only to discover I already followed them. I would have been smarter to maybe join one for beginners and work on that, then as I got more confident and experienced, join others.
  3. First thing I did was get my blog on every social media site I could find, Pinterest, Stumble etc. – not sure that was a smart thing to do  because I didn’t and still don’t understand how some of them work.  I think I would have been wiser to look into each site and fully learn how they work so I could interact properly.  These sites all have great benefits but if you don’t understand them, they are useless.
  4. Having a niche is very important.  Without one you are just  blogging for the sake of blogging.  If you are going to want people to follow you, you need to have something worthwhile for them to read and something interesting that makes them come back for more.
  5. Adsense isn’t going to make you lots of money.   Everyone wants to make money on their blog, well maybe not everyone but most, and I don’t expect to get rich with mine but I thought some pocket change would be nice.  So far with Adsense I have made a whopping 3 cents. – Yahooooo – am living the dream.
  6. There are a lot of great people out there.  Yes, there are.  Wonderful, helpful people who will answer questions and go out of their way to make sure you understand.
  7. You can like, follow and share all you want, if you don’t have good content on your blog, it will not go anywhere.   You have to walk the walk.  If people like or follow you, you have to make sure you like and follow them.
  8. If you are going to blog seriously, have a game plan.  Just don’t go into blogging without thinking it over or making a schedule.  Because I work full time and only do my blogging in the evenings and weekends, it is important that I have a plan.  I didn’t at first but realize now just how important it is.  Take some time to organize yourself so you know what nights (or days) you are going to do what.
  9. When ideas hit you, write them down.  There have been so many times I have been sitting on the bus or even sitting at work and an idea for a blog article will pop in my head and by the time I get home I have forgotten what it was or can’t find the words anymore for what I want to say.  I now make a point of writing it down or if I am on the bus, use my notebook feature on my cell phone.
  10. Don’t be afraid.  For years I never really wrote anything because I thought it sounded stupid, I didn’t think I was any good or I thought no one would want to read my rantings.  Now I wish I had started writing years ago.
So after making these discoveries, I have stepped back, taken a good look at my blog and made some changes.  Not sure it will help but I am bound and determined to make a go of it.
What has blogging done for me?  Well for one thing it has given me confidence.  Confidence to know that I have something worthwhile to say and people will listen.  It has improved my writing and allowed me the freedom to say what I feel and feel what I say.  It has given me courage to not be afraid to put words to paper or words to computer screen in this case.
Blogging is fun and it is also a lot of work.  Don’t give up – there are a lot of success stories out there and those are the ones that keep me going.
Happy Blogging to all you wonderful people out there.
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10 Best Ways to Win Girl’s Heart

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Women love men with confidence, positivity, an aura of self-esteem, and who are driven by feelings and emotions. To warrant the attention of the woman of your dreams and to win her heart, it is imperative that you be yourself. Also, figure out some strategies that will best fulfill her emotional needs. Here are the 10 best ways to win her heart:

What Women Like Most

A woman doesn't want a man to lie to her about important matters. She wants to be an important part of his life – the most important part, in fact. She wants to know the things that are going on his life and she wants him to have trust in her. As far as she is concerned, they are one – his life is her life.
1. Get clever
Be the “Prize” and not the Doormat! Try to win her heart by being mysterious, making her wonder, and playing a little hard to get! This will certainly help love to blossom and keep her on her toes.
2. Get honest
Women like genuine guys who are not afraid to embrace their strengths and weaknesses. Be honest, humble, and unpretentious, and you will win her heart in no time.

3. Get friendly…with her friends! Play your cards right. Her friends know her inside and out. Once her friends like you, they can easily provide you with tips about how to win her heart.
4.  Get passionate
There's something very attractive about men who have a passion. Therefore, nurture a passion, because that will prove to her that you can be compassionate towards her too. By getting serious about something, you will win her heart.
5. Get chivalrous
Open the door to a good relationship. Chivalry might be considered old fashioned, but old is gold. Never be afraid to take her out once in a while and drive her home at night. Be a gentleman and win her heart.

6.  Get funny
Be playful and tease her a little, but don't ever admit that you are actually trying to win her heart! Women like men with a sense of humor, so start sharpening those skills right away! 

7. Get talking
A surefire way to win her heart is to build rapport. Be familiar with what she likes and dislikes, and impress her by remembering what she says or by displaying your knowledge about her likes. You don't have to be a total expert, but this can win her heart in no time when you're at a loss for words.
8. Get attentive
Nothing is more annoying than knowing that someone who says that they care about what you feel does not even really listen to what you have to say. Be attentive, listen to her, and value her point of view to win her heart effortlessly.
9. Get perseverance
If you’ve gone through a break-up, the first step to winning her heart is making an effort to establish contact. Start off with a text message, phone call, or e-mail, and work up towards more frequent and personal contact to win back her heart.
10. Get a life!
A desperate, needy, and obsessive partner is the last thing a girl wants! Give her some time and space after a break up. Try to show your ex that you are getting on with your life and allowing her to go on with hers. This will win her heart back in no time!
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7 Toxic Male Expectations and the Forgotten Ideals

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Apparently cartoons and TV shows conveyed male expectations that influenced me as a kid.Groan. I tuned in daily to watch G.I. Joe in the 80’s. It raised me well. At the end of every episode one of the characters taught a “knowing is half the battle” lesson. Practical examples about escaping from a burning home or treating a dog bite were taught. But, I also learned about being a man in a good way. The various characters (yes, even Lady Jaye) taught about daring, teamwork, and even getting past stereotypes. These simple messages gave me something to reach for; ideals a real man (or a “real American hero”) could achieve.
When it comes to masculinity, it’s good to have role models and ideals to aim for. But, expectations are a different ball game. What’s the difference between male ideals and male expectations? One inspires men to become better men and the other causes men to feel less-than and ashamed when they don’t measure up.
Much like trying to dead lift a semi, living up to manhood expectations is straining. In fact, “the strain model postulates that cultural standards for masculinity exist, and that socialization encourages men to attempt to live up to them. This process can have three types of negative outcomes for individual males: (a) long-term failure to fulfill male role expectations…leading to low self-esteem…(b) successful fulfillment of male role expectations, but only through a traumatic socialization process with long-term negative side effects; and (c) successful fulfillment of male role expectations but with negative consequences because the prescribed characteristics (e.g., low family participation) have inherent negative side effects.” In other words, a lot of toxic negativity comes from male expectations.
Maybe I’m just an optimist, but I’d like to think some of the unspoken rules of masculinity began with good intent. Some say gender roles evolved out of a need for men to control and dominate women. I don’t think so. I’d like to say they were based on something noble, but things went south at some point. It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch, right? Some good expectations still exist (i.e. it’s not ok to hit a woman).
I’d like to propose that male expectations are but a shadow of decent male ideals we should all aim for. Here are 7 Toxic Male Expectations and the Forgotten Ideals:
male expectations
1. Brute Strength: When we consider strength as an ideal male trait, we generally consider physical attributes: a masculine guy should be a beast in the gym, a good fighter, or able to perform death-defying acts. If this is you, congratulations, but we have to look at strength beyond the physical. Character strength is also difficult to achieve and honorable. The strength to overcome physical or emotional obstacles is something we should all applaud. Another ideal is self-restraint…
2. Cold & Distant: In an on-demand culture, discipline is quickly becoming a lost art. Instead, the rigid, emotionless male prototype has evolved. If we could step back in time for a moment, we’d find men who were willing to wait physically and emotionally. These men were willing to sacrifice their immediate desires in return for a hopeful future. At one point technology didn’t exist at all.
3. Entitlement: Today’s expectation is expectation. I’m all for declarations, affirmations, and vision boards. But, demand has come too far. Many guys have high expectations without a work ethic to back it up. Whether it’s a class grade, a work bonus, treatment from others, or even sex, many guys want their appetites served up-front. The missing ingredient? Honoring others. We do a great job of taking care of ourselves, but how about honoring her physically, honoring process, honoring a good work ethic?
Can we get back to gratitude? In the past, gratitude was the honor and respect you gave to elders. After all, these men and women paved the paths you now walk upon.
4. Marriage by a young age: Recently, while promoting 10 Ways to Win A Girl’s Heart, someone asked me,
“How old were you when you got engaged?”
“I was 37.”
“Oh,” they said. “So you waited later in life?”
No, I waited for the right woman. I waited on God’s timing.
Commitment is an ideal for every man, but I have friends who live in shame because they are 30 or over and single. Marriage is amazing, but only if you marry the right person. It’s ok to hold out for the right one.
5. Wealth: Women are making just as much money, if not more than some men today. But, I know guys who don’t like the idea of their wives or girlfriends making more income than them. It hurts their “manly” pride because they feel they should be the main financial provider.
Provision encompasses much more than being income rich and “bread-winning.” How about providing a safe environment for dating? How about providing strength of character during distressful moments? How about providing a good and healthy home? These are ideals more important than simply making money.
6. Cockiness:  Women are attracted to confidence. But, when so many guys lack it, girls will compromise for cockiness. False confidence is better than none. Wrongly, some men feel they need to be jerks and act arrogant to get a girl. But cockiness develops out of shame. True confidence come from self acceptance.
7. Aggressiveness: Guys are expected to be bullish when they find something they want. In effect, some girls don’t feel comfortable going to the gym or even the grocery store. Girls don’t want to be hounded, they want to be pursued. But not like some firework you’d see on July 4th (a grand display that quickly sputters out). They want to be sought after with intentionality. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
Knowing is half the battle: When you pinpoint the ideals you’re aiming for, the likelihood of your actions becoming toxic is minimized. The question is, what kind of man do you want to be? If you could write the story, how would you become the real American hero?
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7 Reasons to Become a Gentleman

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Why am I a gentleman? Why should I be a gentleman? Gentleman's are always smarter than anyone.
I don’t have any doubt in my answer, because my answer remains untouched every time: there’s never been a reason why I shouldn’t be one. 
Every since turning fifteen (which was just last year), I’ve stepped up to a higher standard. I’ll be the first to admit I am by no means perfect, and I meet failure every single day. But, rather than accept short-lived defeat, I press on. 
Unfortunately, gentlemen are no longer the social norm. I suppose somewhere along the line society decided they didn’t need their knights in shinning suits anymore (side note: you don’t need a suit to be a gentleman).
Despite popular belief and what society says, and continues to push, we, the young men of today, are needed, and it’s time our numbers grow. Here are 7 reasons to become a gentleman:

1. Someone has to take the extra steps.

A man takes the necessary steps, but the gentleman takes the extra steps.  Those who strive to do better—to become better—and who take the extra steps, are those who are really needed to take everyone to the next level.

2. You become an influence for today.

Your peers will notice this new-found man, so to say, inside of you, and the higher standards you embody. A gentleman strives for change and thinks, “What can I do to make the world a better place?” This type of man will influence others to do the same.  Your potential influence will rub off onto others, and they will grow. Who knows? We could start a generation of gentlemen.

3. You become a role model for tomorrow. 

I help with a kids’ ministry group called Awana, and these younger kids—especially the boys—look up to me. Talk about humbling. The kids of tomorrow need the influence just as much as our brothers and sisters of today. We’re not just gentleman for ourselves, but for the next generation.

4. You set yourself to a higher standard. 

We live with constant standards and expectations. But, why live by them when we can become better by raising the bar? And I’m not talking about a little bit, but to an unreachable high. Why?

5. To protect. 

Gentlemen follow the Code of Chivalry. Who else follows this code? Knights. What do knights do? They protect their king, their church and their people.  A gentleman takes the time to learn the multiple ways one can keep those you love safe. Point is, you’ll have to stand up for what you believe in, and for those you love.  Not everyone will admit they want protection, but perhaps someone to watch their back.

6. You walk closer to God. 

Now, you may not be a religious man, but this is a key point I need to make. In Christianity, we’re called to be like Christ. Christ, the Man who never sinned.  How can I be like that? Well, we can’t.  But we can try. He was respectful to all, He defended what He believed in, He prepared the way for others, and He loved unconditionally. You don’t have to be a gentleman to walk closer to God, but a person who follows in the footsteps of Christ is sure to walk as a gentleman.

7. She deserves one.

Since the day she was born, she’s thought of herself as a princess. It’s in her heart. And every princess wants a knight to come and save her. Unfortunately, gentlemen—let alone knights— barely exist today, but fortunately for her, you’re becoming one. To be able to offer your girl protection, strength, love, and encouragement is something that every good guy strives for, and so should you. You may not know her now, but when you finally meet, she’ll be happy when she finds out that God’s given her a true man.
It all comes down to the decision to become better. 
Not better than others, but better than yourself.
The only person you can compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.  Everyone, as stated, will fall short of high standards, but that’s the point. You only succeed after you’ve tasted failure. I may never be able to convince you to become a gentleman, but perhaps you’ll find the motivation to pursue greatness, and to take the extra steps you never thought you’d take.
No matter who you are, my advice to you is this: press on, my fellow young men, press on.
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20 Reasons You Should Drink Lemon Water in The Morning

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Start your morning with lemon water. Need reasons to drink it? Lemon water has huge benefits include detoxing your body and skin, among others. Its a perfect drink to start the morning to improve the whole day productivity. You might wants to learn what Health Benefits of Lemon Water in the Morning are waiting for you.
Even if you don't like this drink at morning, you can add this at anytime of your day schedule. Anytime you feel thirsty you can drink a glass of lemon water which will boost your energy

20 Reason to Start Drinking Lemon Water 

1. If you need some natural energy booster then you needs Lemon water everyday. Its a great source of natural energy to keep you active all the day.
2. Lemon is a rich fruit with Vitamin C. Which can protect our body from the immune system.

3. Lemons are packed with calcium, potassium and magnesium. Lemon water will give your body enough electrolytes which is very important for your hydration.

4. Lemon contains pectin fibers (Pectin is a high source of fiber that is extracted from fruits, vegetables and seeds — used to treat constipation and digestive issues, high cholesterol) which is very beneficial for colon.

5. Lemon works as a antibacterial. If you can drink it regularly, your body will be safe from many bacterial disease. 

20 Reasons You Should Drink Lemon Water in The Morning
6. If you have low concentration problem, Drink a glass of lemon water in the morning before you eat anything else. It means It is recommended to drink while your stomach is empty. However you can eat at anytime. This will help you to resolve the problem. Your toxin problem will be dead.

7. Drinking lemon water can be helpful to make sure you liver is healthy. Lemon juice will help your liver to destroy toxins. So keep your liver safe.

8. Drinking lemon water reduces blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure you can control it up to 10% by drinking lemon water regularly.

9. Vitamin C is very essential for your skin. If you are conscious about your skin or just wanted to take care of your skin tissue drink lemon water regular, because lemon contain a good amount of Vitamin C.

10. Lemons contain citric acid which can improve your digestion. It makes your digestive process easier by using acids and enzymes which is helpful to reduce your gastric juice.  

11. Drinking lemon water reduces your chance to get infected by pathogenic bacteria which is causes many disease and infections.

12. Drinking lemon water will reduce your joint and muscle pains. Its also good for young kids, it helps them to grow stronger joints.

13. Lemon is priceless treatment for bowel movement. Drink lemon with Warm water to empower your bowel movements. A short here by any chance if you are unknown with the word Bowel, you might ask, what is this? The bowel is part of the digestive system, which is also called the gastrointestinal (GI) or digestive tract. The digestive system starts at the mouth and ends at the anus. It helps the body break down food and turn it into energy. 

14. Lemon with water helps you to relieves heartburn. With a half a glass of water mix a teaspoon lemon juice and drink it. I hope this will help you.

15. Lemon water is helpful to some disease. Such as, it dissolves pancreatic stones, kidney stones, and gallstones.

16. Drinking water with lemon helps to lose weight. If you are following any diet or just planning to lose weight add lemon water to your drinks list. Studies have proven that this is very healthy weigh lose process. Alkaline diet is best for any one and its faster way lose weight.

17. So you are having tooth pain? Don't worry, lemon is a best natural treatment for you. Water with lemon will help you to prevent from tooth pain and other tooth related problems.

18. Lemon contains potassium which take care of your nervous system to keep it normal. Water with lemon will decrees your anxiety and depression. 

19. Lemon water helps your body to prevent cancer! Sounds pretty good right? Yes its true, Some studies has proven it & says Cancer virus can't thrive in an alkaline environment. For details information about Cancer please head over to National Cancer Institute. So you should drink water with lemon.

20. Drinking a glass of lemon water can give you re-freshness in 60 Second. When you are tired or just wake up in the morning, drink it. It will empower your brain cell to work quickly. 

Note: Please take note also
  • If you are living in cold weather country or just passing the winter try to use warm water. You can use water hitter to do this. 
  • Use half cup water & half cup lemon juice. You can use juicer machine to mix or blend it.
  • If you are setting your mind to drink lemon water daily or weekly, please try to drink at morning.
  • Try drinking before an hour of you main food.
So what do you thinking now? Lets start drinking to have a healthy life and say your friends too. If you found this article can help people, Please share it on social media. Thank you for reading.
Wishing you Happy drinking and happy life.
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