Thursday, August 6, 2009

How To Make Money On Facebook: 9 Ways To Make Money on Facebook

Make Money Online - You might heard that many people are making money while they are using Facebook. You can make money from Facebook too. Its free and east to earn real money using Facebook.
Facebook is one of the social networking services where large numbers of people spend lots of their time daily. You might have undoubtedly heard of this social network if you are one of its 500 million followers from all over the world. The enormous number of fan following allows Facebook to offer you an opportunity to make money online on Facebook in an interestingly easier way.

Different ways to make money on Facebook

Blogging: If writing is your passion then you can attract Facebook visitors by start writing blogs. You can in this way keep these visitors engaged with you and convert them into real buyer of your products and services.

Sell space for ads: After attracting visitors to your Facebook page you can sell space for ads on it through various advertising networks including Google AdSense etc.

Initiating direct sales: On your Facebook page you can post affiliate links regarding your products and services. These links will enable Facebook visitors to buy your products and services through your online store and make money online on Facebook. You can also convert Facebook visitors into your customers as well as distributors for your products and services by building relationship with them through this social network.

Using Facebook applications: Facebook offers a number of applications which you can install and use to make money line on Facebook through the traffic attracted t your Facebook page. Some of these applications include:

- Shopit: You can add a free store to your Facebook page through this social commercial network which allows you to buy and sell the products and services.

- CafePress: You can sell not only your products and services through this app but of others also.

- Radical Buy: You can sell approximately everything through this unique Facebook app. You can make your products visible to other Facebook users instantly by listing them on it and it works like various other commercial sites like eBay. You can also offer commission to other Facebook users to sell your products through their Facebook page.

- Create and sell apps: You can also make money online on Facebook if you have some technical knowledge and innovative mindset. You can create and sell Facebook apps of your own.

Thus, you can make money online on Facebook by signing upon it and creating a well optimized page to attract traffic to it.

Another Way to make money with Facebook

Do you know that you can make money from your Facebook page? I will show you how you can go about it in these three easy steps.

Step 1. Apply your Facebook page;
Step 2. Advertise on your Facebook page;
Step 3. Monitor the statistics and get paid!
To get started, just follow these simple instructions:

      1.      Make sure you have at least 1000 likes on your Facebook page so that you can be accepted.
      2.      go to and register with your Facebook account. You will need to allow the app to have access to your Facebook pages before you can access the publisher’s dashboard. Also make sure you read Fanshala’s Terms and privacy Policy.
      3.      Search for and add an approved advertisement below your status and get paid. Go to the “Available Ads” section; choose an ad and copy-paste the content below your status.
      4.      The more your followers or likes, the more you get paid as the brand(s) you are promoting reach more people. You will be paid on a CPC (Cost-per-click) basis, the more people open the link attached to your status, and more would be your payout. 
      5.      You cannot provide any sort of incentive to your followers to click on the advertisement or click on them yourself (the counts are restricted to unique IPs). Any account found contravening this would be immediately banned.
 You will get paid via checks which will be delivered to your permanent address. Initial address verification would be done to ensure that you get your checks duly. Payments to the publishers are made monthly. Once you reach the minimum payout value of $200, the amount shall be converted to your local currency and a check will be dispatched to your permanent address.


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