Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to Become a Better Lover

So, you think you are the gift from the universe to the opposite sex. Guess what? You’re not. As good as you are (or even if you believe you’re not so good), you can be a better lover.

Step 1.

Get on a healthy diet. Drink at least 6 glasses of water per day. A good serving of fruits and vegetables (daily) will help to increase your energy and provide much of the needed antioxidants, which help keep the blood clean and flowing more smoothly. This will help a man maintain an erection longer.

Step 2.

Exercise to build a healthy heart and increase your stamina. The build up to that special moment, then, the 2 minute actual event, can get old very quickly.

Step 3.

Understand that making love is not about you. It is a mutual activity. Your mindset should be about how to please your mate first and then yourself. Lasting for a long time or being the biggest doesn’t make you a great lover.

Step 4.

Keep an open mind. Find out what your partner likes and try to do it. Understand that when you’re in a relationship, people change and evolve. Always inquire about what they may want to do. Try new things (with your partner’s approval).

Step 5.

After the event, don't ask how it was. Ask what they would want to happen next time, and prepare to deliver on that request.

Now for some men this ‘go get it’ attitude never really leaves them and they
carry this on into their long term relationships. we are not taught how
to make love properly and it’s kinda embarrassing going into borders and buying
‘the joy of sex’ book, although amazon has changed all that. However
with these 13 tips you can become a Casanova in no time and you will be ‘getting
it’ more than ever.

  1. Always, always, always be attentive.
Guys are often seen as being a bit insensitive. This is not always the
case but it is generally true that they are less sensitive than women. We
need to pay close attention to our partner’s feelings and wants and act
on them accordingly.

  1. Spoil your partner
Spoil them in every way, in the bed, in the house, lavish them with attention
when out, buy little gifts, leave little notes. All this stuff is not
just for newly weds; it’s for the rest of your life if you want it.

  1. Touch
Touching and stroking your partner is great for us and even better for them. A
warm sensual oil massage can be the most sensual thing in the world and it
gets you brownie points. However don’t spoil the massage moment
by giving her a quick 5 minute rubdown and then expect a long sensual 30 minute
massage for you.

  1. Make it last another 10 minutes
If you are used to making love for 10 minutes, which can be great, make it
last another 10 minutes by touching, kissing and caressing more. Then
after a few weeks increase it again by another 10 minutes.

  1. Kiss before and after
There is nothing better than a full on kiss before making love. However
there is nothing better than a full on kiss after making love. I know,
I know the sleep monster is trying to kick in at this stage but it is well
worth paying attention and kissing and stroking for 10 minutes after making


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